Utility to perform Card recovery

What is a card?

Card is a small electronic device which is used to store digital and media files. It is mainly used in some electronic gadgets like Digital cameras, cellphones and many more. These devices use flash memory to store data. They can restore the data even when there is no power. Cards may be memory cards, SD cards, CF cards etc.

When do you lose data from these cards..?

There can be any reason to lose data. For example accidentally removing the card from the card reader or from your camera also leads to data loss. That is whenever you are transferring the data from your card to your computer;  you might remove your camera from the computer abruptly in urgency. Due to this the files on your card become inaccessible and card gets corrupted. As a result of this you lose your important data from your card.

What should one do when data from card is lost?

Whenever you lose your important photos, videos are any other files from your card don’t get tensed and also don’t try to format or store other data makes recovery impossible. Instead use good card recovery software to recover all your lost or deleted files from your card. One such software is Unerase Card Software. This software can recover all your data from any cards like memory cards, SD cards, XD cards, CF cards and many others.

What are the situations in which this software can be used?

There are many scenarios in which you lose data and this software can be used to recover all your data from the card easily. They are:

  • Accidental deletion: You might have accidentally deleted files like photos, audios or videos from your digital camera or cell phone while previewing pictures or playing videos
  • Card Corruption: The card may also get corrupted due to abrupt removal of card during data transfer, formatting the card in incompatible digital cameras, capturing photos when the camera’s battery is low etc. Also due to virus infection to the computer to which the card is connected might infect the card also because of which the data becomes inaccessible
  • Formatting the card: Sometimes due to some errors you might format the card forcefully. Even by mistake there care chances of formatting the card when it is connected to a computer instead of formatting other drive. If you have not taken the backup then you will lose the data

How this software is better than other?

There are many recovery software that can do this recovery. But this is the best software to recover the entire lost or deleted card data. It can even perform formatted card recovery within a few minutes. It has following key features:

  • Serves as all-in-one recovery software that can recover files from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible cards
  • Can recover data that are accidentally deleted or lost due to any reason
  • Ability to recover photos from memory card, SD card, CF card, MMC, XD cards that are used in various popular brands of digital cameras and cell phones
  • Able to recover different types of data that includes images, songs, video files, documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc.

How to recover the lost data from the card?

It is very easy to recover all your lost data from the card. Just download the software in this link, install the software and follow these few simple steps:

  1. Connect your card to the PC on which this software is installed, with the help of card reader or USB cable
  2. Lunch the software and select “Recover Photos” option
  3. Select the appropriate option in the next window and then choose the drive from which recovery has to be done
  4. Click on “Next” and once scanning is done preview the files
  5. You can save all the recovered files you should buy the software

How to avoid data loss situations in future?

Always take the backup of all essential files before deleting or formatting the cards. Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to eject the card properly thereby avoids card corruption. Make use of antivirus program and keep on updating it regularly to get rid of harmful viruses.