Software to recover formatted partition for Windows


Partitioning is a process of dividing the hard drive into multiple logical storage spaces referred as partitions. It enables users to categorize and store data in specific location so that data can be accessed easily. It also plays an important role while installing multiple OS on the same hard drive. To install OS on any partition, the partition should be formatted. Formatting erases all the contents on the drive and makes it ready for use. Hence, before formatting a partition it is advisable to take back up of that partition.

Looking for a tool to recover data from Formatted Windows partition? Here is a solution …. Data loss can happen in any unexpected situations. Consider one such situation, where you have installed both Mac and Windows OS on your system and you want to format your Mac partition. Now, when you are trying to do this, you will get an option to select the partition to be formatted. Instead of selecting the Mac option, there are chances of selecting the Windows partition. The worst situation is you have taken back up of data only for Mac and not for Windows. This results in loss of data from your Windows partition. In such situations don’t become panic and try to reformat or reparation the drive… Instead stop using the system and try to find tools that can unformat Windows partition and recover all your lost data. There is software that can recover and restore all your lost and formatted data from your windows partition. The software that can do for you is Formatted Partition Recovery Software for Windows.

There are many such instances where this software can be used. Among them some are listed below:

  • Virus attack to the file system might result in a situation where formatting becomes mandatory and there is no back up of your data.
  • While installing multiple OS, accidentally you might  format the wrong partition resulting in data loss
  • Resizing the allocation space of a partition might also lead to data loss situation
  • Sometimes while you are trying to access the drive you may get error messages to format the partition, now, forcefully you might have to format the partition that results in data loss
  • Re-installing the OS will also lead to format of the existing partition


What are the features of the software that helps to unformat Windows?


You can recover and restore all your lost data from your damaged partitions of SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives. I can even recover the data from formatted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. Not only for hard drives, this software can also be used to recover data from formatted flash drives, external hard drives like, memory cards, USB Drives etc. Recovered data can be viewed on the basis of Data view i.e. using file extensions and File type view, using hierarchical structure. This software supports recovery on different Versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems.


So, if you have lost your data while formatting the partition, you can always use this software and recover all your valuable and important data. Follow these simple steps to recover all your data from the formatted partition.


  1. Click here and download the trial version of the software and install the software on you PC
  2. Once you run the software, you will get three options among them select “Recover Partitions Drive and then” , select “Formatted / Re-formatted Drive”
  3. Select the drive from where the data need to be recovered
  4. Now the scanning process starts
  5. After completion you can view the recovered data
  6. If you are satisfied with these results you can purchase the software and save the recovered files