Reliable Way to Recover Files from RAW Partition

A hard disk drive also abbreviated as HDD, HD or Hard Drive is a mass storage device used for permanently storage of data or information. Internal hard disk is situated in the drive bay and connects to motherboard using SATA, SCSI cables. RAW disk is used to accessing data on a hard disk drive directly by using individual byte level instead of through its file system. If there is any error occurs in the raw disk no one can able to access the files stored on it. This can also show an error message like “The drive is raw file system”. Suddenly you are not able to open the disk drive and access it also unable to read the files stored on it.

This situation is most worse situation for you because you lost your entire valuable data. Also you do not have any backup files of your deleted data. In such scenario you can take help of my partition recovery software. This software is built with anonymous features which helps in lost partition recovery. You can easily recover lost partition with few mouse clicks. Person who do not know much about computer can also use this software quite easily.

Main reasons when the hard drive becomes RAW:

  • File System Corruption: There might be some situation come where severe virus or malware attack can damage the file system of hard drive making it raw partition. In order to overcome such situation you can easily employ this powerful software for lost partition recovery.
  • Damage Master Boot Record: Master boot is a boot sector generally used to hold information like file name, creation date, file size etc. Due to some reasons like sudden power surge the master boot record gets corrupted and hard disk drive becomes raw, this can results in severe data loss.
  • Re-installation of operating system: During re-installation of operating system there is a chance of error which can damage the hard drive and makes it a raw partition. In such circumstances you can easily use this software for recovering lost partition.
  • Malfunctioning of operating system: Due to malfunctioning of operating system there is a chance of improper functioning of hard disk drive. Which can leads the partition raw. This type of situation can put you in deep trouble. So, you can trust this software for lost partition recovery.

  • Accidental deletion: While deleting unnecessary file or data from hard drive we can improperly select the hard drive and hit the delete button, leads to data loss.

  • Other Reasons: There are some other situations which can make partition raw are sudden shut down of computer, third party interruption, repartitioning of hard drive, abrupt ejection of external devices, when storage capacity exceeds, etc.

Features of the software to restore raw partition:

  • The raw partition recovery software has the ability to scan the entire drive in few minutes to recovers raw partition.

  • This software can easily recovers data from raw hard drive, memory cards ( SD, XD, etc.), FireWire drives, USB external drives, iPods, etc.

  • My partition recovery software can easily recover files from different types of RAID partition like RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partition.

  • This software supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 etc. partition from different types of hard drives like SATA, PATA, SCSI, etc. to recover data quite easily.

  • In case, if you lost your files from any partition due to any input output error, you can simply make use of this software for lost partition retrieving.

Recover Deleted or Lost Files from iPod

iPods are on the top of the list and are highly demanded by the music lover. It is a multi-purpose pocket computers and line of portable media players which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch are the different versions of the iPod which has storage capacity ranging from 2GB to 64GB varies by model. These iPod models can use its iTunes utility in order to transfer photos, videos, music, games, contacts, calendars, web bookmarks to the devices from computers using various versions of Mac and Windows operating systems. iPod has simple user interface and exclusive performance which separate iPod among other music players. You can store large number of music files, photos, and videos on iPod which may get erased or disappeared accidentally.

In such a situation you may get worried about deleted or lost long time collection of music files and most important photos and you must be wondering how to recover my iPod files in such scenarios. Nowadays recover my iPod files is quite simple by make use of of powerful tool named iPod Data Recovery Software which runs on all the latest Mac OS and Windows OS versions effectively.

Various Reasons behind iPod files deletion or loss:

Human Errors: Sometimes, you may accidentally delete your important music files, videos, photos while deleting some unwanted files on iPods. In such a situation severe data loss takes place. You may format or restore the iPod with iTunes which are the various reasons for data loss on iPod.

File System Conversion: Assume, your iPod may format with FAT 16 file system on Windows operating system and if you connect that iPod into Mac operating system it will reformat your iPod into some other file system like HFS+. Therefore your entire files which are stored in the iPod may get lost due to file system conversion.

Accidental iPod Restore: The term “Restore” in iPod is similar to factory reset which restore your iPod into default settings and delete recently added files. Therefore if you click on “Restore” your media files may get erased immediately result in data loss.

Synchronization Error: automatic sync features available in the iTunes software which will copy the files that are present in it and removes some other files which are saved in the iPods. Sync error may be occurred while synchronization process going on which happens due to software error, hardware change, corrupted media file, new user account, etc.

Virus Infection: Virus is a piece of code which may corrupt your iTunes software and delete digital images, video files, music files on iPods result in severe file loss.

Inappropriate Removal of iPod: You may eject your iPod abruptly which may cause severe data loss. While connecting your iPod with the iTunes application you should use the “Safely remove Peripherals” option.

Exclusive Features iPod Data Recovery Software

  • This powerful iPod Data Recovery Software can scan your entire iPod memory location within a few simple steps which uses its outstanding scanning algorithm effectively.
  • It can recover iPod files on all the Windows operating systems like Windows XP, 8, Vista, 7, etc and also latest versions of Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite etc.
  • It recovers various file types like pictures (JPG, PNG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, BMP, RAW photos, etc), videos (MOV, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, RM, M4V, etc), music files (MP3, AMR, WAV, M4A, M4B etc).
  • It can recover files from formatted iPod, Corrupted iPod, Frozen iPod in an efficient way.
  • This is user friendly software which helps you to recover my iPod files in a few simple steps effectively.
  • It also assists you to recover files from various memory devices like pen drive, memory cards, internal computer hard disk, external USB drives, memory sticks etc.

3 Major Causes of Video File Damage, and How to Get Rid of It?

Nowadays a large number of people use camera which allows them to create their own videos. Because of its importance, you store videos in our PC or other electronic gadgets, so that we can access it at any point of time. And there are different media players, which are capable of playing various types of videos.

Sometimes these video files may get easily corrupted/damaged and becomes unplayable due to many reasons. In this situation, don’t be stressed. Now there are various utilities to repair your damaged video files. But it is always very important to prefer a reliable tool, which will repair your damaged/corrupted video files with high accuracy. To resolve this issue we suggest you to use this software to repair video files, as it is 100% secure program to repair all your video files on Windows and Mac OS.

Causes behind damaged Video files

  • Interruption while downloading or moving video files: If there are any interruption through internet connection while downloading the videos can damage/corrupt your video files which have been downloaded. In the same way while transferring video files from one gadget to another and also sudden removal of any device will result in corruption/damage of the files.
  • Unreliable recovery tool: If you go with an unreliable recovery tool your video file may get corrupted during recovery process. So you can use this video file repair software to repair your video files.
  • Other reasons: There are still more issues which leads your video files to get damage or corruption like virus attack, header file corruption, trying to play videos with unsupported media players, sudden shut down of system or sudden termination of media player while accessing your video files, etc.

In any of above mentioned scenarios this video file repair software will assist you to repair corrupted videos in just a simple way.

Why to consider this Video file repair software?

  • It comes with a simple GUI that helps all users to repair a damaged video file which has been stored on different gadgets
  • This latest repair tool separately repairs audio and video streams and then adjoins these two files, because there should not be any video and audio synchronization problems after repairing the files.
  • You can just download the trial version of this software and can analyze its complete performance
  • Supports Windows Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003,2008 servers
  • Also supports Mac Operating Systems like Mac OS X 10.6 Mountain Lion 10.8 (64-bit), Mavericks 10.9 (64-bit), Snow Leopard (64-bit) and Lion 10.7 (64-bit),

Some of the Features of this Video file Repair software:

  • It is a powerful tool, which can repair all corrupted video files of various formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG etc.
  • Repaired video files will be saved as a new file automatically without making any damage to your original file.
  • This software can be used to repair huge video files in an efficient manner.
  • Repaired videos files remain in the same format as it was before corruption
  • You can preview repaired files before saving it, by using the demo version of this software
  • Repairs corrupted video files that are damaged due to cameras having firmware


Recover your Deleted Photos in Few Simple steps

“Photos are one of the most essential data as compared to other files in system. All people want to keep own memories via photos including me. I have a laptop. Last Wednesday I was working on my laptop, accidentally due to the corruption of operation system, my laptop got shutdown. After re-installation of operating system, I found that many of files in my laptop was not available included my all memorable pictures. Those photos are very important for me because those are not only pictures in fact those are my memories. If anyone of you has any idea about deleted photo recovery then please helps me!”

Just like this, many of the users are facing photo loss issue due to several types of reasons. At that instance may be you got tensed and searching a solution for deleted photo recovery. If you are facing this type of problem then don’t feel upset because now you have a recovery deleted photo tool named as Recover deleted photo software which recover deleted photos in few simple steps. Recover deleted photo software is designed with the latest technology by highly trained technicians to recover deleted photos from various storage devices such as external hard drives, pen drives, SD cards, flash drives and so on. This application restores deleted files from damaged, formatted or crashed hard drives with greater ease and within limited time period.

Some common reasons behind the deletion of photos:

  • Human Errors: Sometimes, you may accidentally delete some important photos instead of deleting unnecessary photos from hard disc or other storage devices and you may experience of photo loss issue from the drive.
  • File Transfer Interruption: If any type of interruption happens when you are transferring a file from external storage to your system such as power failure, loose connection of USB cable and so on then there is a chance of data lost. As a result may be there is a chance to lose your photos files also.
  • Due to Virus/ Spyware/Malware: Virus is one of the critical problems facing by many users. Due to virus, there is a chance of corruption of storage device in Antivirus scanning process. Antivirus makes all those files which are infected from virus then Antivirus makes those files unreadable. As a result you will lose your important files including your photos.

These are some basic problem of deletion or corruption of photos from your hard drive or any other storage device. If you want to recover deleted photos from any drive then Recover Deleted Photo software gives you a platform for deleted photo recovery in few simple steps.

Key Features of Recover Deleted Photo Software are:

  • This tool retrieves all types of deleted corrupted or formatted image files such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, Gif etc as well as all types of RAW images files like CR2, PEF, DNG, NEF etc.
  • Compatible with several versions of operating system such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 2003 Server operating system.
  • Supports all types of file system such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file system.
  • This tool have capability to retrieve deleted photo from external hard drives such as SD cards, flash memory, android smart phones and many more.
  • There is no any technical knowledge required to restore deleted photo from storage device.
  • 24*7 customer care service are available to solve any type of queries regarding the recovery process or if you have some query regarding software then anytime our customer service is available to solve your query.


Best Utility to Restore Files from Memory Card

Memory cards are tiny digital storage device that can be used with various electronic gadgets such as Smartphone, digital cameras, camcorders and so on. Memory cards are capable to store several types of files such as image files, videos, music and other useful stuffs. Nowadays, memory cards are available in the market with storage capacity ranges from 2GB to 200GB. There are different types of memory cards which are compatible to your gadgets such as SD card, MMC card, SDHC, xD card, Mini Card and so on. There are lots of leading manufacturers of memory card including Western Digital, SanDisk, Moser Baer, Transcend, HP, Samsung and so on, provides secured data storage with these memory cards. Although, after getting lots of security and reliable storage of memory cards, users have to suffer with data loss from their memory cards due to several unfortunate reasons.  After facing such problems of data loss, users stuck into a miserable situation from where they can overcome with the help of one of the finest and proficient file recovery tool. Best Memory Card Recovery Software is one of the best and reliable software which can help you in retrieving files from memory card.

Best Memory Card Recovery Software is having interactive GUI which makes it user friendly software, due to which user won’t get any trouble while performing entire process to restore files from memory card. This software has in-built smart algorithm for file recovery which provides complete scanning of memory cards and can able to recover files from memory card within quick span of time. The working principle of this software is based upon the simple theory of file deletion according to which if a file gets deleted from hard drive of system, even though file still have its existence just it lose its pointer which use to point towards its memory address and responsible for the accessibility of that file. So, Best Memory Card Recovery Software use to reassign that lost pointer of deleted files which results as regaining the accessibility of file and files become visible on file system.

Now, before knowing more about Best Memory Card Recovery Software user must be aware about the responsible scenarios which are as follows:

  • Abrupt Ejection of Memory Card from Card Reader: It is often happen to most of the users that they eject the memory card reader from computer without going through the proper procedure of file ejection. This ends up with losing lots of file from hard drive of system.
  • Interrupted Transfer of Files: While transferring several files from computer to memory card or vice versa, users might get interrupted due to several reasons such as power surge, virus attack, abrupt ejection of memory card and so on. This lead to severe data loss and file corruption in file system.
  • Virus Attack: While transferring any file from virus infected system, memory cards also gets infected by same type of viruses which lead to file deletion and corruption. Thus, to prevent such types of threat user must have updated Antivirus in their system.
  • Other Factors: Some of the other factors that are responsible for data loss are file system corruption, mishandling of memory card , and so on.

Best Memory Card Recovery Software are capable to handle all the above mentioned scenarios and can recover files from memory cards in hassle free manner. This software assures you 100% data recovery from memory cards, as it follows read only mode for file recovery which won’t make any kind of alteration to recovered files.

Some remarkable features of this software are:

  • Restores images, videos, music files and documents on different versions of Windows as well as Mac OS X.
  • Facilitates preview of recovered data before final restoration on the local drives.
  • Recover lost data from formatted, reformatted and corrupted memory cards.
  • Assures 100% original data recovery from memory card.

Easy Way to Repair not Opening RAR Archives

Complete name of RAR is Roshal Archive. In this file format you can store multiple files in a compressed form. Compressed files are a useful way of storing data on the computer. It is often used for sending multiple files over the internet. However, like other files formats corruption occurs even to these RAR file format.

Most of the times, these corruptions are caused because of cyclic redundancy error. This Error is usually encountered, while extracting the downloaded RAR file. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many times you download the same RAR files, it gives the same error. The most disappointing thing is the time which you wasted in downloading the file. However, this problem can be solved using easily by using RAR Repair Software. This tool can repair any kind of RAR file, without changing its original content.

Other Reason How a RAR File gets Corrupt are given below

  • Interruption while downloading the RAR file will corrupt the RAR file and make it unreadable. To manage such issue use download management program.
  • Virus attack on the RAR file makes the corrupt the header of the RAR file, due to which it refuses to open or displays an error message while opening.
  • Using unauthorized third party applications for unzipping or decompressing purpose sometime ends with RAR file corruption.
  • Renaming the file with an incorrect file extension can corrupt your RAR file. For example, renaming a file from eds.rar to eds.jpeg will only change the name without showing the contents of the files.

The RAR file after corruption displays many errors which will restrict you to access your RAR file. Some common error messages are mentioned below:

  • Cyclic Redundancy Error: This is the common error which occurs while unzipping any RAR file.
  • Memory Error: This error message is displayed, when there is not enough memory to operate RAR file.
  • Write Error: This error arises, when there is a problem with the disk. If this error takes place then you will not be able to access your RAR file.

Whatever may be the reason for RAR file corruption, it can be solved out with the help of powerful repair software on internet. RAR Repair is the right solution for every problem related to RAR corruption. The utility does rigorous scanning of corrupted RAR archive to extract out each and every file present in it. This tool use powerful algorithms to fix RAR file. Using this tool even a person with less technical knowledge can use this software to repair his corrupt RAR file. Refer this website  for further software information.

General Features of RAR Repair Tool

You can run this tool on all the latest Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It repairs all the latest versions of WinRAR including WinRAR 2.00/WinRAR 2.90/WinRAR 3.50/ WinRAR 3.70/WinRAR 3.80/WinRAR 3.90 and WinRAR 4.00. Using this tool you can easily repairs corrupt or inaccessible RAR files due to CRC error, virus infection etc. This tool has the ability to repair large size RAR files. With this tool you can even repair the password locked RAR archives. To get more detail in this cotext visit this link.

How to Utilize RAR Repair Tool?

First download and install RAR Repair software to your PC or laptop and Launch the software and follow the on screen procedures. Make use of browse button to select the corrupted RAR file, which you want to be repaired. Start the repair process by clicking on the repair button. As you click on repair option the software will start scanning the corrupted RAR file. View the repair process progress in the progress bar. As soon as the repair process completes, the software displays all the repaired files and folders from the RAR file. Choose next button and select save option to save the repaired files to your desired location.

iPod in Recovery Mode – Need Help

In all the latest iPod devices Apple included one new feature called recovery mode. Whenever you are faced with the any one of the following issues like device is not responding properly, moved into restarting loop, OS crash, etc. then you will have to set the device into recovery mode. Recovery mode is the state where the user can update the device with newer operating system along with its related software’s. Recovery mode restores the previous state of the device and also deletes all the stored data and previous settings of the device. Some other scenarios that can also cause data loss from iPod are listed as follows:

Human errors: While deleting the unwanted files from iPod after connecting to the PC, you may delete some important files like songs, videos, documents, etc. These deleted files from iPod doesn’t stored into the Recycle Bin folder from where later recovery of these deleted files are possible. Sometimes, while previewing the videos on iPod accidentally pressing the “Delete” key can also cause the deletion of file from iPod and you do not have any other option to restore these deleted files besides using any reliable tool or software that can easily recover data from iPod without modifying the original content of deleted files.

File system corruption: While converting the iPod files from one format to another after connecting to the PC, any interruption due to some hardware and software issues that can cause the deletion of files from iPod. These deleted files are directly bypassed from Recycle Bin folder on the PC. So, in order to avoid the data loss you need to use any data recovery tool to recover these deleted files.

Improper ejection of iPod devices: Whenever you are connect the iPod devices with the PC for managing the files stored on iPod, always eject these devices properly using “Safely remove hardware “option of the PC otherwise abrupt removal of iPod devices during the file transfer might delete some of the stored files from iPod.

Other scenarios for deletion of files from iPod: Other scenarios that might also cause the deletion of files from iPod are as follows: corruption of iPod memory card, synchronization issues with iPod, sudden shutdown of iPod due to low battery etc.

In all these above listed data deletion scenarios, you can easily recover data from iPod in recovery mode by making use of iPod recovery tool.

Best Features of iPod Recovery Tool:

IPod Recovery Tool can easily retrieve files from iPod in recovery mode on following Windows operating system platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 server etc.

By using this tool, you can recover data from iPod in recovery mode in all latest Mac operating systems like Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Yosemite, and OS X etc.

Recovering the deleted data from various iPod models like iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle is also possible with the help of this iPod recovery tool.

Apart from recovering of multimedia files, it can also restore all the deleted applications, library and contacts from iPod.

This iPod Recovery tool can easily recover data from iPod in recovery mode of following types like photos, videos, audios and documents etc.

After the recovery of all deleted files, you can easily store these recovered files in Zip mode in order to save the disk storage space.

Utility to Restore Files from Formatted Drive

Since 6 months, I have maintained my valuable project reports in my desktop. Today morning, in order to edit my project report I tried to open my disk location. At that time, some error message shown as hard drive not formatted and you want to format it? In such a place, I have click on Ok option because I could not familiar with this error at that time. I do not maintain backup of my project file therefore I lost entire project files due to this format operation. Now I want to retrieve my project files without omitting single one. Can anybody assist me out to recover formatted drive data? Thank you..!

Okay, don’t worry..!! You can easily recover files from formatted hard drive by using some advanced third party recovery tool because format operation only removes the registry entries of files which are stored in the hard drive and your hard drive will get formatted with new file system structure. Now you can understand that formatted drive/partition contains existing files but it will not be visible to the operating system. Therefore you can recover formatted drive files with the help of outstanding recovery tool known Recover Formatted software which can scan your entire hard drive and find out lost files due to format operation within short time duration.

Some Reasons behind Hard Drive Format

Accidental Formatting: While trying to format any hard drive partition like local disk (E) you may select incorrect partition like local disk (G) instead of local disk (E). Therefore the files stored on the local disk (G) will get lost thoroughly.

Intentional Formatting: System hard drive may get corrupted due to various reasons such as severe virus attack, improper system usage, bad sectors, file system damage and so on. and shows some error format error message as above mentioned. In order to overcome this format error instantly, you may hit on “Ok” option which results loss of entire files.

OS Reinstallation: If you failed to take the backup of your important files before re-installation of an operating system means some files may get lost after completion of reinstallation.

However, you can recover formatted drive files and folders with the help of this smarter recovery utility. But before launching this software make sure that you have not saved any new files on respective partition after formatting. If the memory free space is overwritten by new files means the success rate of this Recover Formatted utility will get affected.

Exclusive Features of Recover Formatted Software:

  • This tool effectively runs on all the well known versions of Mac & Windows systems.
  • It can retrieve files from various hard drive types such as SCSI SATA, IDE, and PATA which consist of any file structure like NTFS, FAT 16, HFS, and ExFAT.
  • It supports various USB flash drives like pen drives and external USB HDD and also flash cards like memory sticks, memory cards, and so on.
  • Rescued files and folders can be stored in any storage media locations and those files are sorted based on file created or modified date, file format, file size, name of file effectively.
  • It recovers hundreds of file types including digital photos (JPG, PNG), videos (MOV,AVI, MP4) music files (MP3,AMR), Word files (DOCX), PowerPoint files (PPT), Excel files(XLSX,XLS) , application files, etc.

Recover Deleted or Lost Photos

Using new advanced technologies user can keep his personal pictures and video digitally in a much secure way. There are various advance electronic gadgets with which you can easily capture and save your personal photos in order to rewind your past memories. Photos are most crucial things in our day today life which can save our past events like birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, some special moment, etc. Technology makes it much easier to capture high resolution pictures in just a fraction of seconds using different sophisticated gadgets such as digital camera, camcorder, smart phones, etc.

The only problem is that having large number of photos increases the possibility of losing it in a single blow. It commonly occurs if you format your storage device, or your HDD may crash, or virus makes your pictures unreadable. So if anything likes this happen, then don’t go upset in thinking about my photo recovery because nowadays it is possible for anyone to restore all his lost photos with the help of dominant recovery software.

Well, don’t worry. Recover My Photo software is the excellent solution for any question about how to recover photos from your storage device. Let us take one general example where you can implement this recovery tool. Suppose you have captured beautiful pictures of yours by using digital camera and to make some free space on your camera card you just transferred all photos to your computer. After transferring your pictures to the system you erased all the photos from camera card. But unfortunately someday you accidentally select and delete all your photos from your PC using Shift + Delete combination while you are removing some unwanted files. Due to this you may thought that your all valuable photos is gone permanently. But this not the truth, in this critical situation you can use Recover My Photo tool which restore back all the photos to your system. This utility has robust algorithm which finds and retrieve all the photos on both Windows and Mac.

Some other reasons for losing photos:

There are some other reasons present due to which your photos may be missing from your PC.

Unintentional Formatting: If you have accidentally formatted camera memory card then all the existing files present in the memory card gets deleted due to which you may get nervous.

Virus Infection: Virus or spyware is very harmful to the storage device because it may corrupt all your images present in that device and you won’t able to access it any more.

Sudden Power Off: While performing any operation on camera suddenly the battery become low due to which your camera become off, then there may be chance of losing photos from your camera.

Improper Removal: If you forcefully pulled out or ejecting the memory card while moving process is going, then file loss may occur from your camera card.

File System corruption: This may occur due to firmware corruption or any failure in software which results in loss of files.

Some Important Features of this tool:

  1. Recover My Photo software is designed to meet the user requirements in most efficient way.
  2. This application has robust scanning algorithm which help user to perform my photo recovery from both the operating system i.e. Windows and Mac effortlessly.
  3. Not only photos, this utility even it is capable to recover all the media files in safe and organized way.
  4. It supports recovery of pictures from all types of memory cards such as XD cards, CF cards, SD cards, etc. with utmost ease.
  5. It provides the user an option to preview the recovered photos file, so that user may recover exact photo files which is required.

Recover Deleted Videos from Memory Card on Canon VIXIA Camcorder

Canon VIXIA camcorder is one of the most popular digital camcorder available in the market .some of the key features of Canon VIXIA HF G10 camcorder are it delivers a great video quality, provided with many advanced features like HD zooming, excellent outlook, etc. The Canon VIXIA camcorder uses flash memory card to store the pictures and videos.

Like other camcorders, Canon VIXIA camcorder is also susceptible to data loss due to many reasons like accidental deletion, virus infection, synchronization errors, abrupt removal of memory card, etc. Whatever may be the reason for losing some favorite videos from Canon VIXIA HF G10 camcorder, it is unbearable. But by employing a proper recovery tool you can recover all your lost videos from Canon camcorder.

Have you accidently deleted videos from your Canon camcorder? And exploring for a best tool to   retrieve deleted video files from flash memory card on Canon VIXIA HF G10 camcorder, then Video Recovery software is the best solution. This tool is specially designed to perform video recovery from memory card on Canon VIXIA camcorder with ease. Using this advanced media recovery tool you can undelete videos of different file formats and compatible on Windows and Mac computers.

Reasons for how videos get deleted from Canon camcorder:

Accidental deletion: Many times you may come around this situation of accidentally deleting some important videos along with the unwanted videos.

Interruption while transferring videos: When you connected your camcorder with a computer to transfer captured videos from your camcorder to computer if any interruptions like pulling the USB cable from computer, power surge, sudden system shutdown may video files on your camcorder.

Formatting the memory card: By mistakenly pressing the format option while checking the camcorder setting may leads to the huge data loss, which may include your favorite videos.

Virus infection: Since we use memory card in a camcorder to store videos, if it contains some harmful viruses it may damage the video in that memory card. If the video gets severely infected it may get deleted.

Improper handling the camcorder: Shooting the videos while the camcorder is in low battery condition, pressing the power off button, abrupt removal of memory card may result in video deletion.

Special features of Video Recovery software:

  • It has a powerful scan engine designed with advanced features that will scans the entire camcorder memory and retrieve deleted video files from flash memory card on Canon VIXIA HF G10 camcorder within a few minutes
  • It is recommended one of the best and efficient tools to recover deleted or lost files for Windows and Mac computers.
  • This tool is provided with save recovery session option, so that will help you to save your time in rescanning the entire camcorder again.
  • The built-in find tool will traces the recovered video files based on name, date, file extension, etc.
  • In addition to retrieve deleted video files from flash memory card on Canon VIXIA HF G10 camcorder this soft can undelete video files from different brand camcorders like Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, JVC, etc.

Safety measures:

  • Always use a high quality antivirus to scan the memory card of camcorder.
  • Avoid shooting when your camcorder battery is about to die.
  • Don’t use the same memory card in multi camcorders.

Documents – Recover Trashed Files / Documents

Mac Operating system was firstly introduced by Apple Inc. and it completely depends on GUI. This OS is attracted by many users because of its advanced and outstanding features. In this OS the deleted files will be stored in Trash. You can know more about Mac Operating systems log on to this page. People usually face data loss from this operating system mainly due to accidental deletion or unintentional formatting. If you delete a file in Mac systems using delete option it will go to trash folder and you can get back them from the trash folder. If you delete a file by using “command + delete keys” then the file will bypass the trash folder and it got permanently loss of files from your Mac systems.

Have you experienced loss of vital files from the Macintosh system? If so then do you have any idea on how to revive documents from trash? If your answer is no then don’t feel upset! Stay calm as there is a utility Mac Trash Recovery software which completely guides you on how to recover Mac files so that anybody can revive documents from trash without any assistance. This app can perform many tasks before explaining them in detail let me tell you how files get lost from Mac system.

Common reasons for loss or deletion of files from Mac OS:

  • Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted files from the Mac system which were no longer needed you may mistakenly select some vital files too and face data loss from the Macintosh system.
  • Emptying Trash Folder: You may have a habit of emptying the Trash folder weekly or monthly. If you perform this task every time without checking for its contents then you may lose few important files which were stored in Trash folder of the Mac system.
  • Interrupted File Sharing: When you are transferring some files from Macintosh system to external device or vice versa if any interruption occurs like power failure or abrupt removal of device then you may face loss of files from Mac system
  • Unintended Formatting: Formatting of volume that contains vital data rather than applying format to volume that is inaccessible makes you lose your data from that system.
  • Other scenarios: File loss from the Macintosh system can occur due to MBR corruption, hard disk failure, while resizing existing volume, presence of bad sectors, etc.

What happens after data get deleted from Mac system?

Soon after deletion of files from system file pointer to an index get removed as a result deleted files become invisible to OS but data will be still intact to hard disk. Hence if you think of adding data to the space available then you will be loser of vital files because new data gets overwritten on the present one.

Features of Mac Trash Recovery application:

  • Mac Trash Recovery Tool is one of the most demanded tools in present market as it has satisfied many customers by solving their queries related to rescue trashed documents.
  • Using its inbuilt scanning engine it scans the entire system to restore all type of data such as music’s, images, documents, etc. in matter of minutes.
  • This restoration software is compatible enough to revive documents from trash from any version of Mac with great ease.
  • By employing this toolkit one can effectively retrieve all data from the external storage devices like memory cards, iPods, USB drives, etc. in few clicks of mouse.
  • With the aid of this utility you can even regain files HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions effortlessly.
  • Make use of demo version of the tool which is available free of cost to know in detail on how to recover Mac data using this version preview the retrieved files and check efficiency of the software.
  • Even after using trial version if you find any doubts about the recovery procedure or about product then you can clarify them from our technical experts, they are available 24/7.

Fix Video File Which Plays without Audio

Sometimes, while playing AVI video file on your Windows system, you may notice that something is wrong as it playing only video without audio. It seems to have some issue when playing AVI video file on different media player such as VLC media player, KMV player, Media Player Classic, etc. The AVI file container is a well-known video and audio data container that offers quality video play back. This file container has codecs that are contain important information about coding and decoding of AVI files. If audio and video codecs are damaged without no accurate synchronization, it can play only a video file without audio.

For instance, some media players like Quick Time player does not support audio file if the codec is AAC type, VLC media player does not support the audio file if the codec is PMC format. In such circumstances, corresponding video file become unplayable due to severe corruption. In such cases, you need a Video Repair Software which is help you to repair video files with no sound on different types of media players.

Reasons behind Video File with no Audio:

  • AVI file audio stream can be blocked if the Media Player does not support proper Codecs that required to encode audio/video streams.
  • In some case video and audio stream are not synchronized properly, when video file doesn’t support media player, it will make video file playing without sound.
  • Sometimes, sound cannot be played when AVI file is corrupted or damaged after volume header corruption, storage drive corruption, virus attack, power failure, etc.
  • Incomplete download or network error during AVI file download from internet due to abrupt shutdown system, power surge, etc. As a result of this AVI file plays without audio.
  • Sometimes, due to improper moving or transferring file from one storage device to another device. As a result of this, video file structure Codecs damaged or corrupted making playable video with no sound.
  • Video file may get corrupted due to use of unreliable third party tool to play a video file from the internet. As a result come of this, the video file become corrupted with no sound.
  • Improper conversion of video file format from one format to another such as MOV to AVI, MPEG TO MP4, etc. As an outcome of this fix video file plays with no sound.

All the above mentioned major scenarios behind fix video file plays without sound. Don’t worry. You can easily repair video/audio AVI file with the help of Video Repair Software without any difficulties.

Outstanding Features of Video Repair Software:

  • Video Repair Software is the best repair, reliable and secure tool especially designed to fix video file with no sound.
  • This tool can fix damaged or corrupt video file formats like AVI, XVID, and DVIX that do not play with efficiently or do not play with sound.
  • This software has inbuilt scanning algorithm to scan the drive entirely and to repair poor quality videos in an efficient manner.
  • This software is specifically intended to fix video file with no sound on Media Classic Player, VLC player, Windows Media Player, KMV player, etc. with greater ease. To get more information on this topic, visit this link.
  • It perform video repair file on different version of different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and so on.
  • This software has the ability to repair video AVI files on altered version of Mac Operating System like Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, and Mac OS X 10.7 and so on.
  • This software has facilitates you to preview the repaired video file and then save in desired storage location.

Effective Way of Recovering Deleted Photo

In this digital era, most people are fond of capturing photos on each and every occasion using digital cameras or other sources. And these days, people prefer to use high quality digital cameras to preserve their memories, and camera brands are competing with each other to capture the user’s attention. Normally, photos are transferred into the system hard drive or some other external drives for capturing more photos using camera. Preserving digital images on some other external storage devices is always very handy as it makes you free from various data loss concerns.

Mostly images saved in digital cameras, system hard disk or any other external storage devices may be deleted or lost due to some identified or unidentified reason. Losing crucial pictures stored in any storage disk will make you frustrated and you may think that you cannot get back those photos. But it’s not like that; you still have strong chance of getting back your photos from storage devices unless you overwrite the space with new files.

You can restore deleted image with the help of a professional recovery tool named Photo Recovery Tool. This utility is specially designed to recover deleted photo that are lost due to various reasons such as interruption during transfer of photos, virus attack, corruption of storage devices, file system errors, accidental deletion etc. This is an outstanding program mainly designed to recover deleted photos from different type of storage devices including hard drive, USB flash drives, iPods, digital camera.

Reasons due to which photos gets lost or deleted:

• Accidental deletion: Sometimes you may accidentally delete your important images from your system hard drive while deleting unwanted images.
• File system corruption: Using same memory card in different digital cameras or systems may lead to file system corruption thereby use might lose huge amount of photos.
• Improper ejection of external device: Users always used to transfer the photos from storage devices to the computer or vice-versa. Any sort of interruption such as sudden removal of the external storage device may lead to loss of pictures.
• Due to accidental formatting: If you format the memory card of your digital camera or any other external storage device mistakenly, then you might lose all pictures.
• Other Reasons: Virus intrusion, capturing photos while camera is on low battery, using unauthorized third party applications, memory card corruption etc. are some other reasons due to which the images gets lost or deleted.

At any point of time, if you encounter photo loss due to any of the above discussed scenario, then just make use of Photo Recovery tool application to restore lost photos. However, once you notice loss of photos from the drive, you should stop saving new data into the drive otherwise it will overwrite old files, which will lead to permanent deletion.

Photo Recovery Tool helps users to recover deleted photos that are missing or erased from your drive. This software is compatible to work with both Windows and Mac OS X running PC or laptop. This is an extremely reliable photo recovery tool that retrieves lost digital images easily.

Features of Photo Recovery Tool:

• By using this recovery tool you can recover deleted photo from external storage devices such as flash drives, memory card, external hard disk, iPods etc.
• This application is capable of recovering images captured in different brands of camera such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Kodak etc.
• By using this software you can restore various RAW photo file types such as NEF, CR2, CRW, ARW, SR2, MRW, DNG, RAF etc.
• This utility offers you with save recovery session by this you can resume your recovery process without scanning the drive again and again.
• By this tool you can sort the recovered files according to their name, size, file types, date and it also offers you two types of views such as file type view and data type view.
• This provides you 24×7 customer supports via e-mail and live chat in order to solve your queries.

Tool to Repair MS Outlook Scanpst after Error

All of you may be familiar with MS Outlook program and PST files. One who are unaware of the Outlook program, have to know some basics about this program before proceeding to the main topic of this article. MS Outlook is a personal information manager that allows users to process emails, schedule events, create notes, manage contacts and much more. All the information related to an individual is stored in a file called PST (Personal Storage Tables).

Outlook Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe is the default program for fixing errors associated with an MS Outlook program. But the use of this tool will not always help to overcome all kinds of error situations faced by Outlook program. At times, when you try to repair a corrupted PST file using this tool, you may encounter error messages which states that internal errors are preventing repair of this file or something like that. What you have to do in such situations is to stop thinking about Outlook Inbox Repair Tool and install Scanpst Fix software which can effectively repair Outlook Scanpst after error. This software can easily recover emails, notes, contacts, calendar items that are lost due to the corruption of PST files.

Top Reasons for the Corruption of MS Outlook PST Files

  • Virus Attack: Viruses, Worms or similar malicious programs can infect PST files without any difficulties. If a PST file is virus infected, it may lead to the corruption of such files. It may further prevent accessibility of those files.
  • Freezing of Outlook: Freezing of MS Outlook leads to improper closing of PST file. Repeated occurrence of this thing may result in corruption of Outlook PST file.
  • Improper System Restarting: If the computer restarts abnormally while working on Outlook program, it can also corrupt PST files whichever have been loaded on Outlook.
  • Outlook Installation Error: Suppose you are upgrading your Outlook version into latest one. Any error happens while this upgrading affects stored PST files on your computer.

Advantage of Scanpst Fix software over Scanpst.exe

Instead of working on a copy of corrupted PST file, Scanpst.exe tool directly tries to modify the original file. This action can intensify the consequence of the problem rather than solving it. On the other hand, Scanpst Fix software doesn’t make any change to the original PST file. Instead, it reads the contents from the original corrupted file and create a new PST file to store that contents.

How Scanpst Fix Software Helps to Fix PST after Error?

  • You can repair corrupted PST files that are encrypted with best/high encryption methods.
  • A nominal disk space of 50 MB is only required for the installation of this software. You can install this tool on both 32 and 64 bit computers of different brands with utmost ease.
  • Scanpst Fix software can repair Outlook Scanpst after error on different versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Using this software, you can fix corrupted PST files created by various Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 200, Outlook 2010, etc.
  • You can repair Outlook Scanpst after error using this tool if you encounter error codes like 0x80040600, 3259, etc. while fixing a PST file with Outlook Inbox Repair tool.
  • Outlook style browser view provides a real time preview of repaired PST files.
  • This tool generates repaired PST files in Outlook 2003-2010 format for easy import.

Perfect Solution to Undelete Files from NTFS Drive/Partition

NTFS technology is the best in improving the performance of the disk by keeping record of files in a managed way. It takes care about how files are stored, named and retrieved on/from the storage devices thus makes it very reliable to access files. There are various storage devices that supports NTFS file system format like HDD, SSD, flash memory cards, etc. Basically NTFS file system is supported by computers that are running on Windows OS platform.

However, NTFS formatted drives can safely store data such as audio files, videos, images and documents but not for always. There are various factors, which result in loss or deletion of files from NTFS drives. And if you have not backed up your essential data from NTFS drive, it might trouble you. If we take look at possible reasons resulting in deletion or loss of files from NTFS drives, format error, inaccessible partitions, corruption, virus attack, bad sectors, etc are very common. Whenever, you meet data loss when using NTFS drives take assistance of a proficient tool so that data recovery can be ensured at the earliest and effectively. NTFS drives can be recovered easily by using the utility named as Uneraser.

This is an expert tool that uses read only scanning technology to recover deleted files from NTFS partition in a risk free manner. With assistance of this application, it becomes easy to unerase files NTFS drives which are formatted, corrupted or inaccessible due to different reasons. It recovers lost files not only from NTFS formatted drive, but also from NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT formatted drives.

Why deleted, lost files are recoverable from NTFS drive?

 Deletion of any file from NTFS drive means you have deleted the reference of that file not the actual file. It means the deleted file is still remains on the NTFS drive but the address of the file is lost. This is the main reason why the deleted file are still recoverable. But before recovery you may ensure that no file has been overridden, since once overridden files cannot be recovered anyhow.

Some reasons when files may get deleted or lost from NTFS drive:

  • Accidental deletion: Wrong selection of files when deleting unwanted files from NTFS drive using Shift + Delete key combination or using command prompt.
  • Virus infection: When the NTFS drive is affected due to harmful programs like malware, worm, Trojan horse etc, then the NTFS drive might get corrupted or inaccessible, which might lead to loss of files.
  • Mistakenly formatting the drive: Sometimes, accidentally formatting the NTFS D: drive instead of formatting E: drive of the computer or external USB drive such as SD, xD, SSD, MMC, memory stick etc, in this case all data will be lost from the formatted drive.

 Along with above mentioned scenarios there are other factors too like bad sectors, re-partitioning error and Windows re-installation error that may result in loss of files from NTFS drive. In all the file loss situation unerase files NTFS recovery can be performed successfully with the software.

Some prominent features of Uneraser:

 It quickly scans the NTFS partition to restore deleted or lost files within couple of minutes. It can easily unerase files NTFS formatted SSD, external HDD, CF drive etc. Along with unerase file NTFS formatted storage drive the tool can also be used to recover lost files from other storage devices such as SD card, xD, SSD etc. The tool is compatible with various version of Windows computer. It is also capable of recovering lost files from ZIP archives.

The tool provides the best user friendly interface to retrieve deleted files just like an expert. Almost all files are recoverable using this tool such as audio files, video files, photos, documents etc. Demo version is available with preview option to view the recovered files.

Best Application to Recover Deleted Files from Encrypted Drive

Drive encryption is the process of restricting user access to a particular drive/ partition by converting it into unreadable code. Sophisticated mathematical functions are used for encryption of drives. You can implement encryption techniques on NTFS file system. EFS (Encrypting File System) is the name of the main encryption technology used in NTFS. Encryption is the best way to avoid identity theft and it ensures protection from unauthorized access.

Suppose you have an encrypted USB flash drive formatted with NTFS partition. It contains so much amount of valuable data. After using that drive on different computers, you connected it to your computer. No, problem with encryption. It still requires a passcode to open drive. You entered the passcode and navigate through data on your drive. You became shocked to see that some of the important files haven’t there. Every time when it connected to a device it was asking for the passcode. Then what happened? However files got deleted. You have to retrieve it back.

To recover deleted files from encrypted drive, there is an intelligent tool called Removable Drive Recovery. This advanced scanning feature of this tool performs a rigorous scanning to restore deleted files from encrypted drive within minutes. This software supports recovery of more than 300 file types. You can use this software to recover encrypted removable drives of manufactures such as Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, WD, HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc.

Reasons behind Deletion of Files from Encrypted Drives

  • One of the main reasons behind deletion of files from encrypted drive is unintentional deletion. Even you have added encryption to the drive, files can get deleted just similar to non-encrypted drives.
  • Suppose some of the files in your encrypted drive are infected by some viruses. If the anti-virus software on your computer detects this virus infection, there is a chance for deletion of those infected files by anti-virus software.
  • Deletion of files in an encrypted drive can also happen if you install some third party applications to clean up unwanted files in your encrypted drive. These types of tools may mark some of the important files in your drive as unwanted and it may result in the removal of such files.

Deleted files from deleted drive can be recovered until the data is replaced by some new data. So don’t try to add new data into the encrypted drive where data loss is happened. You can use Removable Drive Recovery software to recover deleted files from encrypted drive on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Features of Removable Drive Recovery

  • Removable Drive Recovery is an ultimate tool deleted file recovery from encrypted drive that supports all popular media files. This tool supports image files such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, BMP, GIF, etc. Audio file types such as MP3, AIFF, MIDI, M4V, WAW, etc. and video files types such as AVI, MP4, MOV, etc. are some other media types supported by this software.
  • This software can even restore deleted RAW images of popular camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, etc.
  • You can sort recovered files in both File Type View and Data View.
  • Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Yosemite, Mac Mavericks, Mac Mountain Lion are some of the operating system versions where you can install this software.
  • You can preview a recovered file after scanning prior to data recovery of important files from encrypted drive.
  • Technical Support team working 24×7 is available to resolve user’s doubts regarding how to use this data recovery software. You can contact them anytime through live chatting. You can also contact support staff by submitting support ticket available on main website.

Restore Lost Songs from iTunes

iTune is a media player developed by Apple Inc. iTunes application can stores media files like songs, videos etc. It has some advanced features like you can add your favorite song to play list and listen them online. If you click the search menu you can easily find song name, composer, album, etc., also user can download their music and videos from it. Updated version of iTunes currently can read, write convert from one format to other. Inspite of having all these features, still you will not be able to prevent loss of songs from this application. This may be due to human mistake or any unexpected reasons. Sometimes, under invariable situations you may find that all your favorite songs have been lost from iTunes. In this situation, you may arise with a question that how to get back lost songs from iTunes. Well, it is suggested to make use of recover my iPod application. As this tool is built with advanced recovery algorithms, so that it can easily recover lost song from iTunes in few clicks.

Reasons that causes loss of songs from iTunes:

Unintentional Deletion: While erasing some unwanted stuff from your iTunes, you may mistakenly erase some of your favorite songs accidentally. At this situation, you can make use of recover my iPod tool to restore lost songs from iTunes.

Updating iTunes: When you update the iTunes application to the newer version in order to gain the advanced features, then in such case you will not be able to find the songs and other media files that were present. If you fail to keep backup then you will be in a critical situation.

Error in Synchronization: You may encounter error message while you are synchronizing the content of any iPod device to iTunes in your PC. Sync error may be the reason fpr loss of your music files from iTunes.

If you come across such kind of scenarios mentioned above, then it is suggested to make use of iPod recovery application that efficiently recovers deleted or lost songs from iTunes just within few simple steps. This restoration program will help you in knowing how to get back lost songs from iTunes. 

Key Features of iPod Recovery Utility

  • Recovery my iPod toolkit is a most powerful retrieval application that is designed and developed by some professional experts to help users restore lost songs from iTunes.
  • This tool has ability to recover songs of various formats like MP3, MP4, AIFF, WAV etc. from iTunes.
  • Recover my iPod software provides a free demo version by using which users can easily get to know how to get back lost songs from iTunes in few clicks of mouse.
  • This application is free from viruses or other malware programs, hence you can easily depend on this software to restore lost music files from iTunes.
  • By using this retrieval program, user can retrieve lost songs from iTunes on all MAC OS X versions such as Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, Mountain lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.
  • By employing this application, you can rescue missing songs from iTunes on all popular versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.. Moreover, it is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems.
  • In addition with iTunes, this application is capable of restoring lost songs from iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, etc.

Recovering Files from Dead MacBook Air Laptop

MacBook Air laptop is widely popular among Mac users. Hard drive is the main data storage device of any Mac OS X based computer or laptop. It allows you to store and manage personal as well as professional data like Word documents, project report, media files (pictures, videos, music, movies, etc) efficiently. On some occasion, it happens that hard drive of MacBook Air laptop stops working and the Operating System is not responding. In such situation, you would not be having any idea why your Mac Book Air laptop hard drive goes dead and what caused this disaster. You cannot access any information from the dead hard drive of MacBook Air NoteBook. As you have stored many of valuable information on Mac Book Air laptop hard disk and you don’t want to lose it.

What next?? How you deal with this issue? Are you looking forward to restore all those files from Mac Book Air hard drive. Don’t worry, it is possible to recover files from dead MacBook Air laptop with the help of reliable third party application.

Well, easy file recovery is considered as the most renowned app that can be applied to execute the process of file recovery from dead MacBook Air laptop hard drive by following few simple steps. This tool is enriched with advanced algorithms with scanning ability, hence you get back all your precious files from MacBook Air computer hard disk in few minutes. Easy file recovery toolkit is capable of restoring different file types that includes videos, music, digital photos, iPhoto files, various types of document files, e-mails, contacts, calenders, RAW images, etc. In short, this utility is all round performer while recovering files from dead MacBook Air hard disk.

Different causes where your MacBook Air laptop HDD goes dead:

  • Occurrence of errors or any sort of interruptions while re-partitioning MacBook Air laptop hard disk can make hard drive to turn dead.
  • Formation of bad sectors, hard drive corruption is also a reason behind dead MacBook Air system hard disk.
  • Apple Partition Map corruption, damaged volume header and catalog files can lead to MacBook Air NoteBook hard drive dead, which makes all stored data unreadable.
  • HDD of MacBook Air laptop can go dead when there are some severe problems like software conflicts, system file corruption, operating system malfunction, etc.

After encountering such kind of situations that are mentioned above, initially it is very important to protect hard drive of MacBook Air from any physical damages. Hence it is suggested to remove dead hard drive from Macbook Air and keep it in a safe location. Then it is recommended to make use of this proficient easy file recovery program to recover files from dead MacBook Air laptop hard drive.

Important features of easy file recovery tool:

Easy file recovery is an accurate application that can be applied for restoration of lost data from a dead MacBook Air NoteBook hard drive just within a fraction of minutes. Other than MacBook Air computer, you can also employ this easy file recovery tool to retrieve files from Mac Mini, iMac desktops, whose hard drive is dead. During file recovery process, this application does not alter the original file contents and ensure secure restoration of files from dead MacBook Air HDD. Other than MacBook Air hard drive, this easy file recovery tool helps to find out files from flash drives, memory card and external disks also. Easy file recovery toolkit is designed with easy user interface so that even a novice can rescue files from dead MacBook Air hard disk by following simple steps. This tool also offers you a free demo version, using which you can preview all the recovered files from dead MacBook Air hard drive.

Useful tips:

  • It is suggested to backup important files immediately when MacBook Air laptop shows unusual signs or warning errors.
  • Never try to do anything when MacBook Air does not start up.
  • Use only trustworthy third party app for retrieving files from MacBook Air hard disk.

Best Tool for Restoring Data from WD Passport Hard Disk

“Hi friends, I urgently need help for my problem! Since from one year, I am using 1 TB WD passport external hard drive without any problem and saved lot of important data in it. But today, when I connected it to my system to get some crucial info, it stated “Disk in drive is not formatted, for further usage format it now?” Without thinking much, I just clicked on yes option and lost entire information. Therefore, now I want to know, is it possible to perform WD Passport drive data recovery? If yes, then please let me know how to recover data from WD Passport HDD? Any sort of suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks a lot…”

Yes, obviously the retrieval of data from Western Digital Passport drive is possible by making use of the best and reliable third party utility one like Data Recovery Software. This utility can competently carry out WD HDD recovery on NTFS, exFAT, HFS +, HFS X, NTFS 5, FAT 16 and FAT 32 file systems and restore back all lost data just within few clicks of mouse. But, the most important condition is lost data from your hard disk shouldn’t be overwritten.

Before proceeding towards file recovery process, let’s have a glance on common reasons liable for loss of data from WD Passport HDD:

  • Cut – Paste Operation: At times, we make use of cut and paste operation to move folders from system to WD hard disk or vice versa when connected with system. But, during cut paste process, if any sort of interruption happens like sudden system shutdown due to unexpected power surge or system freeze because of unforeseen logical glitches, etc., then there could be a great chance of data loss.
  • Virus Attack: Harmful viruses (Trojan, Adware, Malware and Spyware) attack might sometimes result in WD hard disk failure, which in turn leads to data loss from it.
  • Unintentional Deletion: While deleting large amount of useless information from WD passport hard drive, you may mistakenly select few important files and perform delete operation. Well, in this deletion process, the deleted information will not get stored in Recycle Bin but instead get removed from computer leading to data loss.
  • Bad Sectors: It is also one of the most common reason for loss of information from hard disk. Normally bad sectors on HDD appear when it get old or due to damage on read / write head. If the vital information is contained on bad / dead sectors, then you will be incapable of accessing the info, also there is risk of system crash.
  • Other Issues: MBR corruptions, inappropriate file system conversion process, files system corruption, format errors, drive failure, etc. are also the reasons behind data loss from WD Passport drive.

In all the above mentioned situations either WD passport HDD gets corrupt / damage or entire information becomes inaccessible. But no need to get fret because, with the help of hard drive recovery software, you can effortlessly recover deleted / lost files within a short span of time regardless its size.

Data Recovery Software Key Features:

The tool comfortably and successfully performs WD passport hard drive recovery on major versions of Windows OS based desktop / laptop computers such as Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Mac OS X (Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Lion, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Leopard, etc.). By employing this restoration application, you can restore different types of files like videos, audios, movies, PDF, games, animations, Spreadsheets, text documents, emails, etc., from WD Passport hard drive. Apart from passport recovery, this tool is even capable enough to retrieve information from Hitachi, Buffalo, Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate, Iomega, SanDisk external hard drives. You can also perform HDD recovery with different interfaces like SATA, IDE, SCSI, ATA, PATA, etc. The application even competently recover info from FireWire drive, memory cards, USB drive, iPods, memory sticks, etc.

Precautionary steps to avoid Data loss from WD Passport drive:

  • Make use of safe remove option to eject WD passport external HDD from system / laptop
  • Right away stop using your external hard drive in case of failure or information loss
  • Before connecting your passport external HDD to any computer / laptop, make sure that it is free from virus intrusion.
  • Try to scan your WD passport HDD once in a week with updated antivirus software
  • Do not install any applications to HDD from where you want to recover info.

Approach to Retrieve Music Files from Dead iPod

Is your iPod is dead? Do you want to know how to extract music files from dead iPod? Don’t know how to retrieve music files from dead iPod? Have you struck up with these kinds of issues? Do you want to get the information on which application must be utilized to retrieve music files from iPod? If your answer is yes for all these questions then do not panic in these instances as you can restore your important music files using suitable photo recovery software. iPod music recovery tool supports you to restore music files from dead iPod just in a matter of few minutes. This program can go deep into the iPod memory and performs rigorous scan of the entire iPod memory to extract your music files. You can easily execute the process of music file recovery from dead iPod and restore music files with utmost ease. This program works well for both deleted iPod file recovery and lost iPod file recovery on both Windows (Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) operating system in few minutes.

Some of the prominent causes that are responsible for dead iPod are explained here: Improper synchronize of iTunes library on iPod device can leads to synchronization error. This results in dead iPod and results in loss of music files stored on it. Some of the hazardous viruses like Trojan or Adware infects the iPod file system and make the iPod dead. All the music files that were stored on such iPod become inaccessible. iPod memory gets slowly filled over the course of time. iPod can become dead due to inadequate memory space and finally stops working. Other than these reasons you can also find other causes for dead iPod like file system corruption, software malfunctioning, dead battery, abrupt ejection of iPod during music file transfer process, etc.

But there is no need to get worried as it is possible to restore music files from dead iPod with the help of this iPod music recovery program. One can use iPod data recovery tool to restore iPod music files that are lost due to above mentioned reason.

Some of the glorious features of iPod music recovery tool

iPod music recovery is one of the wonderful recovery tool through which you can perform recovery of all your favorite songs, video clips, podcasts, pictures and eBooks from all iPod generations like iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic and other popular iPod models. You can apply this tool to revive music files from frozen iPod, formatted iPod, corrupted iPod etc. in a reliable way. Because of its user friendly application, it provides clear directions for every step following which even an inexperienced user can retrieve iPod music files with ease. Still if you need to get complete details on recovery of music files from iPod then visit this website- . It can restore image types like JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and RAW photo file formats supported by various digital cameras. It has an ability to restore different types of music files, video files and pictures from iPod. In addition it is also possible to restore lost video files such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, RM, 3G2, MPG and 3GP from iPod under different circumstances.

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