Restore My Photo

Now-a-days, most of the people love to capture pictures, record videos etc. on their own devices which consecutively get stored in a Memory Card. This helps them to memorize their special and precious moments whenever they want and feel! The Photo files are considered as most important than any other file, as they cannot be created again. However, at times there are circumstance that lead to deletion or loss of photo files from your respective devices. Usually, people lose their photos from their PC, memory cards, USB drives and most of the time directly from their Cameras and Phones as well. After this, you might be worried about a question on how to recover my photo? The answer to this question sounds positive only by using efficient recover my photo software.

Reasons behind deletion or loss of photo

  • Sudden power failure or system shutdown in the middle of file transfer may lead to deletion of photo
  • Accidental deletion of wrong partition where the photos are stored, while trying to delete the other unneeded one
  • Abruptly removal of storage media during the image transfer process can also lead to loss of valuable pictures that were being processed.
  • Intended or unintended formatting of the storage device not only results in loss of all the pictures, but it also cause deletion of complete files that were there in that drive

Points to be remembered

It is suggested to straight away stop using the storage media either  it might be a memory Card, Camera, hard drive, USB drive etc inorder to avoid overwriting of the data, which might consecutively cause permanent deletion of photo.

At any time you delete a photo on computer running Microsoft Windows or from your memory Card or any other storage device the space having the file is marked as free space. Therefore, if that space is not used or overwritten by an original data, then it can be recovered with ease with the help of recover my photo software. With the aid of this app you can retrieve photos from memory card of different types like SD, CF, xD and many others.

Features of recover my photo tool

This software is one of the renowned tool that easily resolves your question on how to restore my photo in minutes. It has the ability to recover pictures either deleted or lost from your respective devices. Apart from photo, you can use this tool to recover other media files such as video files, songs etc. By using this software you can recover all types of photo / image file formats (also RAW photo recovery of DSLRs) and from all kinds of storage media even from camera and mobile phone’s internal memory (if it appears as a drive when connected tom a PC). It can perform photo recovery from memory card as well as from other different storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, USB drives, iPods etc. You can apply this toolkit to restore photos from Memory card. For more details on how to recover photos from memory card, tap on this link:  It also supports to perform photo recovery on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Most significantly provides preview of the recovered photos to make sure you accurate recovery. All this makes it the finest recovery software in the market to restore photos from memory card or any other storage device. You can install the demo version of the software in order to achieve better results.

How to Repair RAR Corrupt Files?

RAR stands for ‘Roshal Archive’ and supports all .rar extension files. WinRAR is the application by using which a RAR file is formed. It is generally used to save back up of your essential data such as, videos, photos, documents etc. within storage where, due to space limitations you would like to compress them. By compressing data not only space is reduced but as well data will be kept private by setting password to RAR files. You can make use of RAR Archive for transferring large files as you can split into many parts by which transferring through mail becomes easy and safe. It happens often that, when you try to extract your RAR files, you will get an error message that your RAR files have been corrupted. No need to worry, here is a solution to repair corrupt RAR files by using repair RAR files software. It effectively helps you to repair RAR corrupt files in a few mouse clicks.

Reasons that lead to corruption of RAR files:

  • While downloading or uploading any RAR files from internet, there should not be any disruption, if the file is interrupted then the RAR file will get corrupt
  • Once RAR files are attacked by harmful viruses then, the complete RAR file will be corrupted
  • At some point in decompression of RAR files, if there is inadequate space in disk then the RAR file will be corrupted and hence, make the entire stored data unreadable

Precautionary methods to reduce the risk of RAR file getting corrupt:

  1. System should have antivirus and must be updated regularly so that the system will not be affected by any external viruses and malwares.
  2. Always backup of important data should be maintained separately.

Although some preventive measures are taken, there are still possibilities that RAR files might get corrupt due to some of the scenarios mentioned above or because of some unknown reasons. After this, the question that might arise in your mind is how to repair RAR corrupt files? By using repair RAR files software you can resolve your problem easily as said before. It is very proficient to perform corrupt RAR file repair process. To know more details about the corrupt RAR file repair process, tap on this link:

Features of repair RAR files software:

  1. Repair RAR files software can repair corrupt RAR files which support all version of RAR formats and WinRAR formats.
  2. It has the ability to repair corrupt RAR files having size up to 4GB.
  3. It is easy to use and is more prominent app to repair corrupt RAR files as well as multipart RAR files which are damaged or corrupted.
  4. Other than RAR repair, it helps you to repair and recover files like MOV files, AVI, files, Word Files and many more which will be compressed into single RAR file.
  5. Apart from repairing RAR files, encrypted password protected RAR files can also be recovered safely using this tool without destructing original files present inside the RAR file.
  6. The whole repair process of RAR files is totally automatic.
  7. It supports to repair corrupt RAR files on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  8. You can install the free demo version of the software onto your system in order to gain practical knowledge about the repair process.

Recover Pictures from Flash Drive after Format

USB flash drive, also called as pen drive, key drive or simply USB drive, is a small and portable flash memory card used for storing photos, songs, videos and documents. It is removable, re-writable and has the ability to store vast amount of data including your precious images. It is small device and can be plugged into any PC through USB port. The storage capacity of USB flash drive varies from Megabytes to few Gigabytes and these days’ people depend on it to store and carry important data.

Even though it offer greater help and widely used, there are more chances that it get corrupt or damaged due to different reasons and in turn you come across with deletion or loss of your valuable images as well as other files. If your flash drive is corrupted, it force you to format it before you try to access the files in it. You don’t have other choice but, to format it. Formatting of USB flash drive leads to deletion of all entry of data on file system which in turn allows you to lose entire data including pictures on the USB flash drive. What if even you don’t have back up of your precious data? Can you recover pictures from flash drive after format? Of course! You can perform photo recovery from flash drive after format using reliable deleted photo recovery tool. Other than, flash drive this app can as well perform deleted picture recovery on any storage media with ease.

Scenarios that lead to deletion or loss of photo files as well as other files from flash drive after format:

  • When your USB flash drive is connected to your PC, you might click on “Format” option by right clicking on the icon of USB flash drive
  • Unexpected causes like power failure while accessing photo files from flash drive, improper shutdown of system etc lead to lose your important photo files and other files from it
  • When you attach your USB flash drive to the PC, error messages like “drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” etc. which, usually come out when your system is unable to identify your USB drive’s file system. If you click on “Yes” all the photo files and other files present in your USB flash drive will be erased. On the other hand, if you click on “No” then you can’t access your flash drive. So, in order to reuse it you have to format it, which results in data loss

Features of deleted photo recovery software:

Deleted photo recovery software is one of the trustworthy software that can easily recover pictures from flash drive after format. To know more about photo recovery from flash drive after format, visit this page:  It not only helps you to recover photos, but also helps you to recover music files, videos, documents etc. from flash drive after format. This software supports photo recovery from all USB manufacturer brands like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Sony, LaCie, iBall, etc. This software works fine on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Apart from USB flash drive; this software also supports to recover photos from other storage devices such as, external hard drives, iPods, FireWire Drives etc. You can make use of the demo version of the software to perform photo recovery from flash drive after format process. If you are satisfied with the achieved results then buy it.

Recover Deleted Files from BlackBerry Media Card

BlackBerry Phone is the leading name among the most famous brands of Smartphone. Now this BlackBerry has changed the trend of Telephones in the way that your Mobile phones are not limited with calling and texting but also they provide all the things that matter in your professional or personal life. With the help of this BlackBerry, you can capture pictures watch videos, access emails from internet, chat with your friends online and do lot more. Even though BlackBerry Smartphone has very good amount of inbuilt memory to keep all your valuable files, but they also support extendable memory in the form of external data storage devices that is Media card.

On this BlackBerry Media card you can store all your precious photos, audios, videos and other multimedia files with ease. However, some BlackBerry users often complain that they come across deletion of files. Most of the time you might accidentally delete the files from your BlackBerry Memory card in unexpected way. When you face such instances then how would you solve this issue? Do you know the method on how to recover deleted files from BlackBerry Media card? Don’t get annoyed, now you can discover how to perform BlackBerry Media card file recovery and bring back all your precious files with the support of this file recovery software in just a few minutes. Get more details on recovery of deleted files from BlackBerry Memory card by following this site-

Listed below are some of the situations that account for deletion of files from BlackBerry Memory card

  • Incorrectly deleted pictures and music files instead of deleting some unneeded or redundant files from BlackBerry Media card.
  • Deletion of files from BlackBerry Media card due to malware or virus infection.
  • Formatting BlackBerry Media card without backing up its contents.
  • Unpremeditated ejection of BlackBerry Media card while moving files from Media card to system.
  • Make use of BlackBerry Media card on more than one OS for sharing or moving files.

Here are some useful tips to avoid deletion of files from BlackBerry Media card: Backup your important files from your BlackBerry Media card onto any external device on regular basis. Never save recovered files on to the same drive from where you have recovered, find other places such as computer hard drive, portable hard drive or other optical devices. Do not remove your USB cable while moving files from BlackBerry to computer.

Although taking all preventive steps if your files are deleted from Blackberry Media card then it is not a matter of concern. Use this file recovery application to retrieve deleted files in a very convenient manner.

Glimpse at the attributes of this file recovery application

File recover tool can be applied to restore deleted files from the Media card that is used in Blackberry series like Curve, Electron, Tour, Bold, Pearl, Storm, etc. This particular software is well known for its fast file recovery process of deleted images, audio, video and other files not only from BlackBerry Memory card but also from system’s local hard drive, external drives, memory cards of mobile phones, Smartphone, USB flash drives, tablet computers, fire wire drives, iPods, etc. Hence you can easily carry out deleted file recovery from Memory card with the aid of this trustworthy file recovery program. This utility supports recovery of media files from FAT 16, FAT 12, NTFS, FAT 32, ExtFAT, HFS, HFS+ drives with utmost ease.

Best Software to Repair RAR File

In these days RAR achieves are frequently used to store and transfer information. This is very convenient but always there is a risk of corrupting compressed files. In such cases RAR files refuses to open and all the information stored on them becomes inaccessible. How can you solve this corruption issue on RAR file? Do you want to repair RAR file without affecting its original content? If your answer is yes for this question then no need to get worried at all because you can easily fix this issue with the aid of RAR repair tool. RAR repair program is specifically developed for extracting information from corrupted archives of RAR file format. RAR repair toolkit never injuries your original file during the process of repairing and it treats RAR files as read only. This application thoroughly scans the corrupted file, abstract data from it and builds the new RAR file with extracted data which can be easily opened for task.

How this RAR file gets corrupted? This is very heartbreaking issue if you are the regular user of RAR file. Hence it is very important know the causes that leads to the corruption of RAR file so that you can take a proper steps to deal with this issue. Below mentioned are some of the common possible reasons for the corruption of RAR file,

  • When you are uploading or downloading RAR files over the network, if the download or upload process gets interrupted in between then the chances for the corruption of RAR files are pretty more.
  • Some of the malicious infections like viruses, malwares and spywares could be the major reasons for the corruption of RAR files.
  • Occurrence of errors while extracting files from RAR archive because of power failure or abrupt shut of the system, cam results in RAR file corruption.
  • Due to CRC errors, the garbage values are induced in the archives that may result in the corruption of RAR files.
  • Corruption of RAR file header because of improper closure of RAR file.
  • Decompress RAR file in incompatible version of the WinRAR application results in corruption of RAR file.

In case you are facing all these issues on the RAR file and need to know the best way to mend corrupted RAR file then prefer this RAR repair software to overcome all these issues. As mentioned above RAR repair tool has an ability to repair any sort of severely corrupted RAR file within few minutes. You can easily fix virus attacked RAR files by using this software. This program can be applied to fix RAR files being affected by CRC errors. As this application is regarded as user friendly tool, even a novice can use this utility to open damaged RAR file with ease. Get more details on how to open damaged RAR archive by following this link-

Important tips to be followed

  • Be sure that there is no interruption when you are moving or downloading RAR file.
  • Always use an updated download manager to download your important RAR file.
  • It is suggested to backup your important RAR files onto the external hard drives like USB drives, DVD, CD, etc.
  • Get it install a good antivirus tool to remove deadly viruses causing RAR file corruption.

Robust Mac File Restoration Tool

I bought a new Mac computer a couple of weeks ago, since then I have been saving all my essential files in it. Recently I saved one important file into my Mac computer; the file contained crucial data of my research study. But yesterday my Mac computer found some problem due which I lost that saved file from it. I have got stuck into a terrible circumstance, and I critically need that lost file back. Can anyone please suggest me a tip to get back file from Mac based computer?

Have you been too, suffering from similar kind of issue? Then don’t panic, just do read this article completely. It includes a detailed info about recovering files from Mac computer.

To get back files from Mac based computer you should take the help of a robust Mac file recovery software. Using this Mac recovery tool you can effortlessly bring back lost files from Mac computer. Not only lost files you could also perform deleted file recovery on Mac.

Scenarios accountable to lose files from Mac based computer are cited below:

  • Formatting of Mac volumes: Hard disk partitions of Mac computer are known as volumes. When you format any volume of Mac computer then entire data from in formatted volume gets lost.
  • Corruption of catalog file: Catalog file in Mac OS retain the details of files and folders located on Mac Volumes. Sometimes this directory file gets corrupt; if it gets corrupt then you will lose the access to data stored in Mac volumes, which finally leads in severe loss of data.
  • Using “Command+Del” keys: While deleting a file from Mac computer if you press “Command+Del” keys then removed file bypasses trash, and you will lose data everlastingly, and if you need to get back that lost data then you should use Mac file recovery software. For more details of Mac file recovery software click here:

Some top features that come with Mac file recovery software are described below:

  • With the assistance of this effective Mac data recovery tool one can restore lost or deleted files on Mac based computers.
  • This application could bring back various types of lost or deleted files including music files, movies, image files etc.
  • Using this application you could also restore lost or deleted files from any of the external storage devices for instance memory cards, pen drives, external hard disk drives etc.
  • This Mac file recovery program works on all new versions of Mac operating-system including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks etc.
  • It’s a best Mac data recovery software which is clearly free from many harmful viruses and malicious programs.
  • For Windows based computers there is a separate version of this tool on web site using which lost or deleted files from Windows PC can be recovered.
  • Within few clicks of mouse you’ll be able to recover files from Mac computer.

Visit the website, and get the trial edition of above mentioned Mac retrieval software from there. Install, and run the application on your Mac computer. By using suitable retrieval steps, get back your lost or deleted data. If you feel satisfied with trial edition then get its licensed edition.

Tool to Recover Deleted Pictures from Olympus Digicam

Pictures are multimedia files that allow you to remind your unforgettable instants captured utilizing Olympus digital camera. All of these captured photos utilizing Olympus Digicam will probably be essential to you and it will surely be a disturbing condition if you lose important photos because of any unwanted condition. Picture loss conditions may possibly happen in your life due to human errors and software clash. In times you will be certainly looking for a tool to effortlessly recover photos from Olympus camera without any trouble.

Just relax, don’t get worried you are in correct place for answer for photo loss issues. Utilize Olympus camera photo retrieval software that helps you to retrieve digital photos misplaced from storage unit used in Olympus camera storage  units like SD mini, SD micro, MMC, CF cards and so on. This software is developed with finest retrieval techniques that searches every single memory segment and retrieves erased digital photos. This software highly recommended by industry experts around the world. Let us have look over some of the common picture loss scenarios.

Occasionally, it happens that because of improper usage of storage units containing essential photos will result in data loss circumstance. Sudden removal of Olympus camera from PC when moving captured pictures to your personal computer will lead to file system corruption. If the file system gets corruption then storage unit will get hard to get at and prompts you to definitely format the storage units. Formatting storage unit of Olympus camera will erase all the photos that are stored in it.

Accidental deletion of photos is yet another scenario in which you may possibly lose digital photos from your computer system. When deleting some undesired photos you may unintentionally erase vital photos by using shift + erase key combination. This course of action will permanent erased your essential photos evading recycle bin.

Habitually it occurs that we make use of 3rd party tool to manage volumes of system hard disk drive. While managing volumes of hard drives you could accidentally erase a partition that contains variety of all digital photos. Hence you will lose the digital photos from the system hard drive.

Top rated features of digital picture retrieval tool are:

  • With the help of exclusive file signature scan technique this program retrieves range of picture file format like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, etc.
  • This software can instantly retrieve RAW photo file format like NRW, SRW, CRW, CR2, SR2, ARW and lots more.
  • This software has potential to retrieve pictures erased from different photo capturing units like DSLR digicam, Mobile phones, Smartphone, computerized web camera, laptop computer camera, etc.
  • It supports different DSLR camera products like Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, canon and many others. To have more information about how to retrieve lost digital photos from Olympus camera then check out:
  • It supports different editions of both Macintosh and Windows machines having minimal computer hardware configuration.
  • It is simple to preview the digital pictures retrieved and to save retrieved digital photos you have to activate this software to complete version.

Olympus Camera Image Recovery Tool

Olympus digital camera is an advanced image capturing device inbuilt with high definition camera lens to capture images with high clarity. These units are integrated with huge storage units to save images and videos having large file size. This camera device can capture image of both general and RAW image file format.

You can make use of this digital camera for capturing life events like birthday party, party with friends, collage events, etc. You come across deletion of vital images captured using this camera device due to some undesired situations. There several scenarios in which you may encounter deletion or loss of digital photos from Olympus camera. In situation like this you will be worried about how to get back deleted digital images from Olympus digital camera.

Stay calm, you are not the only the one to encounter such image loss situations. In order to retrieve all the deleted or lost digital images make use of Olympus digital camera photo recovery application. This application has ability to tackle several of image loss situations and recover images deleted or lost from digital camera gadgets. Let’s have glance over situations in which you can efficiently recover the deleted or lost digital photos.

  • Accidental deletion: Olympus camera devices come with LCD display unit to preview captured photos. While previewing captured photos it happens you may accidentally click delete option due to which significant image file get deleted.
  • Sudden disconnecting camera: Occasionally, you may connect Olympus camera to move all images from camera to your personal computer. While moving images if you unknowingly disconnect the camera from your personal computer without making use of safe removal option then images being moved will get deleted.
  • Virus infection: Usually, you make use of memory card of Olympus camera to copy some images from different PC’s. If the PC is unprotected with deadly viruses then, these viruses will also infect photos present in Olympus camera. When you again make use of camera storage unit with your PC having antivirus application, then this application will delete virus ridden digital photos.

Apart from all these above mentioned photo loss scenario there are many more situations in which you may lose image files from Olympus camera such as due to sudden Olympus camera shut down while capturing photos, accidental formatting storage unit of Olympus camera, abrupt removal of memory card from digital camera.

After keen observation over all above mentioned digital photo deletion or loss scenarios, software developers have designed unique software that can easily recovers photos deleted from the Olympus digital camera. This application also capable of recovering images deleted or lost from different versions of Olympus camera such as Olympus V series, X series, S series, E series and many more. To have more information on digital image recovery visit:

This application has ability to get back deleted or lost images from various brands of digital camera like PENTAX, KODAK, NIKON, FUJIFILM, etc. Apart from digital photos recovery this application has Potential to recover various categories of media files like songs, videos, animation files, etc.

Note:  You can preview the Photos recovered from Olympus digital camera. To save the recovered images you have to activate this application to full versions.

Make Your Inaccessible Quick Time Movie File Accessible Again

MOV file format is among the well-known formats, which is utilized by the Quick Time media player. In existing era, it is utilized in digital l cameras. However, it has discovered frequently that MOV file is corrupted and then you turn into unable to gain access to MOV file further. In case you have a file that isn’t working and you require that file since it matters for you personally. Here in this type of situation you possibly can make utilization of one among trained tool of present moment named MOV Repair. With the aid of this tool, you are able to fix damaged or corrupted MOV file effortlessly. QuickTime movie or the MOV file could be corrupted because of different reasons like malfunctioning software, Operating-system crash, virus attack, inappropriate system shutdown or power failure while you’re transferring the video, hardware malfunctioning, software errors, etc.

Use this tool in almost any file corruption issues for successful fixation. Let us talk about some in greater detail. First is virus infection, it takes place whenever you connect system to internet so that you can perform work. Whenever you do this then it is recommended that your system furnish with updated antivirus protection. In case your system doesn’t installed with updated antivirus then it could cost you plenty. Mainly because it may result in transfer of virus into system and further it could damage system intact files. Interruption of file transfer process may result in corruption of file. Suppose you’ve vital MOV file in your computer.

Further, you’ve willing to relocate it to other hard disk to maintain it secure. In the intervening time once the process is on the run, someway the USB cable gets disconnected. When it is happened then there is a possibility of file corruption. Power failure is yet another reason why can lead to interruption of ongoing process. If you don’t have proper power backup device for interrupted power supply. Whenever you don’t have proper backup device then it may result in interruption of file transfer process in the mean time. Once it is corrupted then you definitely become incompetent to gain access to file further. When it is happened then there’s no requirement to believe that you are powerless to fix video in this situation. You can make utilization of this tool in above MOV file corruption issue and efficiently fix Quick Time movie file for future use.

There are numerous some other reasons that could result in corruption of Quick time movie file and you can find this tool efficient enough to fix damage MOV file. For anyone who is someone who has lost access to essential Quick time movie file and searching for a response to an issue that is how to fix Quick time movie file. MOV Repair tool is really a solution to your question, you can make utilization of this tool to fix damaged or corrupted MOV file effortlessly. To find out more, you can follow this link:

Guide on How to Fix Zipx File

Zipx file is the extension of Zip file. For compressing large sized files, these files are widely used and are stored as .zipx file format. These files have faster compression speed compared to RAR file. To send large data over online, you need to create Zipx file. This archive has other files including bmp, doc, nef, jpeg, etc. in compression form. But, due to its complex structure many users suffering from Zipx archive corruption issues. In case, if you do not know how to fix corrupt Zipx file then this informative article explains you how to fix damaged zipx file in simple steps.

It is an intolerable situation for all Zipx file users to experience file corruption issues. At the same time, when users look at their storage device to check whether it is full of backup. In the event, if they do not find backup on their storage device, they may get fret and think about the suitable software to come over this type of problems. As per the suggestion of industry experts, you have to make use of repair Zipx file tool on Windows platform of all versions like XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8.

Possible reasons behind inaccessibility of Zipx file:

  • Virus infection: As Zipx files are transferred over internet, there is a high chance of virus attack to these files. The virus may damage your Zipx file header. As Zipx file header stores information regarding file name, file size and date of file creation, etc. Corruption of this file header may result in severe data loss condition.
  • Improper compression of Zipx files: It is necessary to compress Zipx files to reduce their overall size. While doing so, if you come across with problem like sudden power breakdown in between this process may result in corruption of Zipx files.
  • CRC errors: When you download any file from internet, it is first checked for its accuracy. CRC can compare the accurate value of the downloaded file with source file. If it does not match the source redundancy value then it may lead to errors like “bad CRC”.

In all the above said reasons, there is requirement to use this economical utility. By means of this legitimate software, you can fix Zipx file corrupted due to various reasons like changing file extraction, abrupt PC turnoff, etc. If you become unable to access Zipx file, use this finest tool to repair it. This program is rated by industry experts and is a non-destructive program to fix and recover files in same condition as it was prior to corruption. To obtain more info regarding repairing of inaccessible Zipx file simply click this link:

It is capable to fix Zipx files of size 4 GB or more. It is available with advanced scanning technologies to perform complete scanning of damaged Zipx file to indentify and repair it. This tool comes with demo version, which helps you to know the concept of fixing the Zipx file. By means of this highly talented utility, one can effortlessly fix password protected and locked Zipx file.

The best way to accomplish SanDisk Memory stick pro duo recovery?

SanDisk Memory stick pro duo is among the popularly used storage device around the globe. This memory stick is small in dimensions and incredibly safe when it comes to data security. Regardless of being safe and secure, there is certainly chance for data loss from memory stick. However, in case you are facing same situation where your important data is lost as a consequence of any reason, then you’re at right place. Here there is a best tool which assists you to revive SanDisk memory stick pro duo data. For additional information on how to restore SanDisk storage device pro duo card visit this

Common Scenarios for loss of data in SanDisk memory stick pro duo:

 Accidental deletion: In cameras you possess an option called ‘Delete All’, which is often employed to delete data from your storage device like videos and photos. Suppose you may accidentally press that deleted all button while previewing the photos, this could lead to photo loss. In situations similar to this, you should employ good third party tool to bring back deleted data from SanDisk memory stick pro duo.

Accidental formatting: SanDisk memory stick pro duo could be formatted either on the PC or digicam when attached to them. In case you have unintentionally formatted your storage device either on the digicam or on your computer and not keeping any backup then such situation will find yourself with loss of data.

Media files become unreadable on account of memory card errors: In case you came across memory card errors if you try to access SanDisk memory stick pro duo data by connecting it on your PC or laptop and if you’re not able to access them. This kind of situation occurs either in the event the memory card is corrupted or if the gadget isn’t supporting the storage device format. If your SanDisk memory stick pro duo card is corrupted and you’re simply getting an oversight message stating ‘device isn’t formatted’, ’do you need to format’, there’s no need to panic since it is easy to restore data from flash storage device after you have format error without difficulty. For doing it, you actually need to retrieve data from SanDisk memory stick pro duo software.

Tips to remember:

  • Do not eject the SanDisk memory stick pro duo abruptly during file transfer process
  • Prior to the deletion, be sure about your file selection
  • Stop using SanDisk memory stick pro duo, whether its memory is full
  • Make usage of an excellent anti-virus software on your computer
  • Regularly transfer your SanDisk memory stick pro duo data on your computer
  • Do not utilize the same SanDisk memory stick pro duo on several devices
  • If files lost or deleted from the SanDisk memory stick pro duo, then immediately stop making use of it in order to avoid overwriting

Popular features of this software:

  • Scans your entire SanDisk memory stick pro duo to recoup lost or deleted data like photo, videos etc.
  • It can readily restore data from memory stick after sudden power failure while transferring files, virus attacks, abrupt removing card, etc.
  • Recovers over 280 file types determined by their unique signatures
  • Retrieves files lost as a result of interrupted read/write process for the memory card
  • You can recover files deleted by antivirus program.

Deleted Outlook File Recovery

Outlook is one of the most widely used and very popular utility developed by Microsoft to manage and organize emails and contacts and many more things on a business scale or personal purpose. The reason behind its popularity lies in the features it gives to its user. It has very rich user interface which makes interaction very easy and simple in use. It has been noticed at a very large scale that while you are managing and organizing your mails or contacts in Outlook, deletion generally takes place. Such type of event causes a great trouble for you when you end up in some very crucial items deletion from your Outlook application. At any point of time if you found yourself is such unpleasant situation then do not worry about it, with the help of Outlook PST Recovery tool with almost ease.

There are some reasons which leads to deletion Outlook items are like accidental deletion, emptying deleted items folder and deletion by third party software.

Accidental deletion of emails from Outlook is one of the most commonly occurring problems which generally happen due to human error. If you want to delete some of junk emails from your inbox and while you are choosing useless emails by mistake or in hurry you select some very useful emails and delete it by shift and delete command then it is deleted forever from Outlook. Now, the moment you realize your mistake will make you very disturbed. In such situation the only best solution to recover deleted items is make use of Outlook PST recovery software.

Emptying deleted item folder is another main reason where you may lose your valuable items from Outlook PST file. Suppose you decide to empty deleted folder items assuming that it has no useful data. After emptying this folder you discover that some very crucial email had been deleted mistakenly then needless to say that this will make you very upset as you have end up in important data loss from outlook. But, fortunately you can rescue deleted emails by making use of Outlook deleted items recovery utility. To know more visit:

This tool works fine on Windows operating system’s different versions including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 8. It is capable to recover emails from Outlooks different versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It also repairs corrupted PST file due to any reasons, and able to repair password protected PST file. This can also easily repairs files which have been corrupted due to oversize of data limit of PST file, which is different for various Outlook versions. With the help of this tool you can easily recover all the attributes of Outlook file like emails. Calendar, emails, notes, meetings requests, appointments and other folders. It can repair files which is highly encrypted using encryption algorithm. It has capability to Repairs corrupt PST files to recover properties like message body, attachments, to, from, cc, bcc etc. Whatever be the reason of deletion of items from Outlook folder by making use of this tool you can easily and effectively recover those deleted items within a fraction of seconds.

Highly Ranked Utility to Rescue Deleted Items from Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2010 is a latest version of Outlook and designed with special features that are not available in previous versions of Outlook. As the technology goes on increasing email users are increasing today. The Microsoft Outlook uses the PST files to store data on computer drive. While using PST file you might face the scenarios of file deletion. Let us discuss all the possible scenarios and solutions to recover from these reasons in this article.

Have you accidentally deleted items folder from Outlook 2010 and lost vital emails? Searching for right tool to recover deleted items then no need to search anymore, use this hassle- free software to retrieve deleted items Outlook 2010. With the aid of this utility, it is very easy to bring back erased items like tasks, contacts, notes, journals, etc. without any difficulty. This application will also get back items deleted due to scanning done by antivirus.

Few possible reasons resulting in deletion of items from Outlook 2010:

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes you might use Shift + Delete keys to delete unwanted emails on Outlook 2010, during this you might accidentally delete vital email resulting in complete deletion of emails.
  • Improper termination: Sometimes while copying or accessing emails from Outlook 2010 if you suddenly decide to terminate Outlook application then it might ends in deletion of emails.
  • Erasing deleted items folder: Sometimes while working on Outlook 2010, deleting the deleted items folder intentionally or unintentionally result in huge data loss.

Few key features of this tool are:

  • This tool is able to get back deleted items, which you have deleted due to severe corruption of PST files.
  • By making use of this utility, you can restore RSS feeds, appointments, email messages, folders, etc. with ease.
  • It recovers erased emails from emptying deleted items folder or any other Outlook folder.
  • This program will get back emails in Plain text, HTML and RTF formats.
  • It is developed with advanced scanning algorithms to perform complete scanning of deleted items folder to restore items from it.

When you are encountering above-stated deleted items deletion scenarios, then you have to use this tool to open files from recovered Outlook of different versions like 2000, 2003 and 2007 effortlessly. This award winning software helps you to locate deleted emails on your PC in case if you do not know storage location of emails. This program has some famous features to bring back email elements like Cc, Bcc, Date and Time at your fingertips. By using this sophisticated utility both technical and novice users are capable to restore deleted items from Outlook. This application facilitates you to preview recovered deleted item folder prior to saving the obtained result on your computer with ease.

In order to avoid deletion of emails and other deleted items from Outlook 2010 you need to take proper back up of files on any other storage device. This award-winning software has the capacity to regain emails deleted from Windows Operating System of numerous versions like XP, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2008 at your fingertips. Demo version of this tool is available with the help of it you can evaluate the outlook PST file recovery result.

Trusted Tool to Open Corrupt Zip Files

Zip archives are popularly used to compress data to reduce file size in order to save disk space and to transfer them via email or over internet. Zip files allow a compression of data up to 90% smaller size compared to original file. Here, compressed Zip files are secure and safe. Sometimes, these Zip files may be susceptible to corruptions due to various reasons. The corrupt Zip files might be vital for you then you may feel bad and think about best repair software to bring them under normal condition. Use most suggested and highly ranked tool to fix Zip file damaged or corrupt.

Use this sophisticated software under following corruption conditions:

  • Slow internet connection: Consider a situation, where you are downloading a Zip file of larger size. Sometimes, there may be chances that Zip file may be broken or corrupt due to slow internet connectivity. When you try to open corrupt Zip files it may not open and it might make you to unread data. Therefore, it results in corruption.
  • Modifying file extension: Sometimes you may attempt to alter file extension of Zip file to other like .zip to .mpg or other by thinking that it may open without any disturbance. When you try to open this file, you may not read it because it changes only file name not function name. Hence, it may become scenario for Zip file corruption.
  • Partial transfer of Zip file from one storage device to another: In some cases, when you try to transfer Zip file from one storage device to another then the Zip file might be transferred in completely due to synchronization error or power fluctuation. If your Zip file transferred incompletely, the resulting in Zip file corruption.
  • Central directory corruption: Whenever you compress Zip file individually, it is stored in the central directory, which is present at the end of Zip file. There may be possibilities of corruption of central directory due to improper system shutdown. In this condition, you may unable to access the contents from central directory.

When you face any of above-mentioned situations then do not get nervous, immediately use this damaged zip file repair software to fix corrupt Zip, Zipx files within few minutes. This award-winning tool will perform repairing of large Zip files of size 4 GB or more. It is an easy to use interface provides an option to preview the achieved result before saving it on your computer.This tool is built-in with advanced scanning algorithms to do thorough scanning of corrupt Zip files to repair them easily.

Use this hassle-free application when you encounter a message like CRC errors, Zip file header corruption, Zip file transfer errors, virus attack, etc. it fixes them without disturbing its original file. It supports Windows Operating system of different versions like Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 2007 and 2008 effortlessly. Use the demo version of the tool to fix corrupt and broken Zip files, see the obtained result with the help of preview option. In order to save the lost data from corrupt Zip file purchase the software.

How to Rescue Deleted Files from MacBook?

MacBook is popular for users, who use laptop with Apple edition with Mac operating system. It is built with special features like clear display, user friendliness and so on. Therefore, because of its useful features people prefer this thin and light MacBook laptop. When you delete any file from MacBook it will go to Trash bin, user can get back that file from it by using restore option. If it is deleted by using command + delete key it will remain in hard drive, it will not go to Trash bin.

Have you lost files due to Mac journal corruption? In maximum cases, your reply will be yes, do not get irritate. First, you need to check whether you have important back up files in any other storage devices like pen drive, memory card, etc. If not, then it will be quite tough to get back such files and in this case, one must think about which software is best to recover such files within few minutes? You can acquire back those vital files by using most reliable, favored and top rated utility known as file recovery Mac. With the aid of this widely used tool, it is possible for you to rescue files from MacBook and MacBook Air are editions of Apple laptops.

Looking at various situations come with MacBook data loss are as explained below:

  • Mac hard drive failure: Hard drive is known to be major part of computer, it stores enormous data and hence it is named as data storage device. Sometimes hard disk may fail due to sudden failure of power. When any of these problems occurs, the result is data loss.
  • Accidentally formatting Mac partitions: Formatting process carried out to completely deleting the data. When users desire to format one partition but when users may be in hurry situation, then they may accidentally format other partition containing vital files. If they do not have back up files then it will bring about data loss.
  • Third party utility: Many users prefer third party applications to recover data. They can purchase this tool from internet but not all these softwares are trusted. Sometimes, such untrusted utility can cause harm to your data present on MacBook Pro editions of Apple laptops and leads to file loss condition.

This cost effective application is responsible to recover deleted files from Trash bin with utmost ease. It has extremely built in find tool to search data on hard drive and recover it with few steps. The utility has the capacity to store MacBook data deleted due to journal corruption with no difficulty. This program is capable to support Mac Operating system of different versions such as Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. By making use of this application, it is possible for user to get back data from Mac hard drive having bad sectors. It can easily bring back data deleted due to antivirus scanning, abrupt shutdown of power, etc. This software is most widely used to get back data lost due to emptying Trash bin. It has the facility to allow user to test obtained outcome prior to saving it on your MacBook hard drive.

How to Rescue Removable Disk Data?

Lost data from removable disk Drive .How to get it back??? The answer to your question “how to get back data lost from the removable disk Drive”is here. Use Pro edition of this software to retrieve data lost from the removable disk Drives. This tool is highly recommended by the experts for the retrieval of data from the removable disk Drive. It is capable of recovering every kind of data such as JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, MOV, MP4, AVI , DOC Files etc. It is multitasking, and reliable software. The software also provides the demo version so that you can account the efficiency of the tool by yourself.

There is variety removable disk available in the market like USB drive, pen drive, memory cards, etc. One of of such removable disk is WD passport  drive. This is a most used external removable drive used to store your important documents, photos, movies, and all that stuff that a hard disk can store within it. All the data, files, folders or information stored on the passport hard drive can get deleted some time if you accidentally press the delete button on the keyboard of your system. You may also delete the data residing inside the passport hard disk by hitting on “shift + delete” keys. If you use this key combination on your system to delete the files or data then that file or data will be permanently deleted or you can say that it can go missing forever.

People are very much concerned about their memories and would surely do not want to lose them at any cost. However, if you happen to lose your collection of favorite songs, movies, pictures of family outings, etc. stored on the removable disk Drives. You would look for some back up if such situation arises. But, have you ever thought what may happen, if your data stored in the removable disk Drives gets lost, and the backup that you took has also failed to help you. How can you recover passport files that were deleted ? The answer to your query  about the recuperation of the deleted passport files lies is here. Make use of this software program on your PC to get all deleted files and photos which are deleted from the passport hard disk.

Advantages of using this Application

  • Utilizing this tool you can rescue removable disk data of all kinds of file formats like JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, MOV, MP4 and Raw images from any of  your favorite brands of  digital camera that you have purchased to capture images.
  • You can resume the recovery process any time using the option  “Save Scan  Information” this feature ensures that you need not rescuing your drive to locate lost files.
  • You may search out all types of files, photos, audio/video files, with their unique signatures and also search your lost files using signature search.
  • The software provides the demo version, so that you can check out the functionality of the tool before purchasing it. Hence transparency is also maintained by doing this.


Portable Drive Lost File Recovery without Any Difficulties

Portable storage devices are the most convenient way of storing USB Flash Drive data so these devices are widely used in our everyday life. But once you accidentally lost data from your portable external storage devices it comes in your life as like a nightmare and that moment is the most disgusting situation in anyone’s life. In few cases of your important data loss due to virus attack or other instances you probably go through data loss issues. But it is recommended mostly to stay quiet and use any lost data recovery software to bring back your deleted data most easily.

What does it actually mean by portable storage device?

Portable storage devices are something like removable storage device on which you can store your all data and you can carry your files wherever you want. In such devices you can store almost files types like photos, data, image etc. Thumb drives, portable mobile storage devises, USB devices and memory cards all are the example of portable storage device which make file storage procedure more convenient. Most important thing they are small in size, larger data storage capacity and reliable too. But few disadvantages are also there as you can lose your saved data from these portable storage devices any time.

Situations when users face data loss from storage device:

Issues of data loss mostly take place because of virus attack. Some other reasons are also there including accidental loss of data or some other malicious effect. As these portable storage devices are widely used these days, it has become more essential to know details of data loss difficulties. A little kind of damage of the saved files can create a huge data loss problem. Here you will come to know few of the scenarios of data loss.

  • Experience data loss while transferring data from one portable storage device to any other storage device
  • Saved data get deleted when you just format your portable storage device
  • Deletion of important data accidentally or mistakenly
  • Use of the same external storage device very frequently
  • Bad sector issues of the storage device

When you face this kind of data loss it is possible to get your files back. But some precaution you need to follow. Never forget to avoid the chances of file overwriting on your storage device. It is very much unfortunate for anyone if they go through this. Once their files will overwrite then it is something impossible to bring those files back.

In normal situations of data loss may be you are not able to view your stored files on your external storage device but they are still on that same device as it was before. In that case only lost file recovery software can give you surprise of lost file recovery from storage spaces. Details about this you will get here,

Here is the brief idea about lost file recovery procedure,

  • The very first thing you need to do is just stop using your device after data loss
  • Connect your portable device with your computer or laptop successfully
  • Get free demo edition of the software and install it
  • Continue lost data recovery as per the given instructions

Corrupted Memory Card File Recovery

Undoubtedly it is very common to face data loss issues from these memory cards because of endless technical and non-technical errors. Losing essential data including media files is just you can’t avoid as it carries all precious memories of someone’s life. So when in any unexpected situation if you face data loss it is something you want to get back your file immediately without getting late for single moment. These days every storage devices are very much user friendly and there is no doubt. Memory cards are used in vast as they are easily mountable on any devices and they are very famous for its portability. Users use this portable storage device on different gadgets fir example Smart phones, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. There are so many memory card brands like Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar and Samsung which produces different categories of memory cards.

But once in some uncertain condition these memory card files may lost.  Consider one such situation when you have inserted your memory card of your digital camera through USB interface. In some improper condition your memory card asks its user to format the card due to corruption issues when you inserted the card on your Mac system. Without thinking of anything else you have just accepted to format the same memory card. While your system is continuing formatting your memory card, you have realized that the card had most of the unusual stored image files in it. It is something you can consider as your own mistake as you just can’t avoid such data loss scenarios. But what users can do is try out different corrupted memory card file recovery software to bring back lost files over corrupted memory cards.

Following are the scenarios that result in loss of card data due to corruption issues –

  • Connectivity issues of memory cards: At the time of transferring files from one device to the other there need to be proper connectivity in both the devices. In case of any connectivity issues the data which you actually want to transfer or trying to transfer get damaged or the memory cards get corrupted itself.
  • Memory card corruption: Most frequently when users use the same memory card with certain file system on various devices like digital cameras, different cell phones or smart phones, etc. then most possible the file system of the memory card may get damaged and all the contents saved on it will be affected due to this data corruption issues. You should perform your memory card data recovery after corruption on Mac or Windows computer.
  •  Terminating memory card in sudden: While you are trying to process few of your saved data from your memory card by connecting it to the computer, before the process gets over you just accidentally terminate the memory card and the files on it will be corrupted automatically.
  • Issues of virus: Any harmful virus when attack your device memory card it is obvious that saved media files will be damaged instantly. Sometime it also damages the file system of the memory card and files on it will be deleted.

When memory card corruption takes place, data loss effect is just unavoidable. As it is quite important to know that how to deal with the issues of memory card corruption and know that how to recover lost data from these corrupted memory cards as well. First of all, we should stop using card anymore and install the Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software, and continue the process as mentioned with the file recovery utility. You can preview your restored files just after completing corrupted memory card recovery.

How to restore Outlook data?

MS Outlook is an advanced featured application for various professional and personal works like sending and receiving email, create contact list, schedule tasks and much more. Despite of having all the advantages sometimes you may lose data from your respective Outlook profile. You may face inaccessible Outlook profile due to corruption of PST file. There are several reasons of PST file corruption. Sometimes if you are accessing your Outlook profile on your system, if your computer turns off suddenly due to any software clash or because of sudden power failure. Then PST file of your respective Outlook profile may get damage or corrupted and you will not able to access your Outlook profile anymore. Data resides inside the Outlook also become inaccessible. This situation is very frustrating because you will become helpless. But you can repair corrupted PST file and make your Outlook profile accessible by the help of Recover Outlook application.

Sometimes when you are sharing your Outlook profile over internet, if any interruption takes place and process terminates improperly then you may face corruption of PST file. Many times you may try to access your Outlook profile from any remote server and face corruption of PST file. PST file corruption in this way makes your Outlook profile inaccessible and even you cannot access your Outlook data from your respective Outlook profile.

When you are accessing your Outlook profile on your system that has some malicious virus infection, in this circumstance PST file of your Outlook profile may get infected by that virus program and gradually it damage the PST file and make your Outlook profile inaccessible. Situation become even much more critical if Outlook provided inbuilt repair tool cannot fix the corruption of PST file.

If you have found several needless data on your Outlook profile and decided to delete it. After deletion these data will resides inside the deleted item folder of your respective Outlook profile. Sometimes Outlook users may empty the deleted items folder for any specific reasons. In such situation if you have recognized that accidentally you have deleted some of your vital Outlook data then situation become critical for you, as inbox repair tool (scan PST) also not able to rescue those data which has been deleted even from the deleted items folder. If you want to restore deleted Outlook items then you need to utilize above discussed application.

Compression of PST file is a normal phenomenon for Outlook users. But if you are compressing PST file of your respective Outlook profile by any inadequate third party tool then you may face PST file corruption as well as inaccessible Outlook profile. There are some scenarios where Outlook users may compress PST file through any improper approach, sometimes this will also cause PST file corruption and after it happens you are not able to access any of your Outlook data.

Recover Outlook is an advanced featured tool to recover Outlook data, which may lost due to above mentioned scenario. Even you can rescue your Outlook data on various versions of MS Outlook application including MS Outlook 2007 and MS Outlook 2010. If your Outlook profile has become inaccessible due to PST file corruption when file system of the computer hard drive has corrupted because of any specific reasons, then also you can restore your outlook data by using this efficient application. If you want to know recovery process of Outlook profile completely then click here

Software to Restore Lost Pictures from CF card

Compact Flash card (CF Card) is the most popular digital memory card. The storage capacities of CF card ranges from 128 MB to 64 GB.  The size of the CF card is larger when it compared to other memory cards. Hence it is widely used by digital cameras and mobiles. They are used to secure the photos and other media files. CF cards are used by many of us as it has the capability to store thousands of photos and is developed with huge storage capacity. These CF card contain built-in controller that informs the card whether to read/write the data or not and is more durable.

Because of accidental deletion, reformatting, low battery power, etc will make the CF card corrupt which results in huge data loss. Now let us consider one of the scenario like you have connected CF card on your system using card reader. You thought of formatting the system drive but accidentally you formatted the CF card which results in corruption of CF card. Thus all the media files stored on the CF card will be lost as the formatting process erases the files stored in it. At this situation you can make use of the recovery software that performs lost picture restoration from CF card in very short time.

Some of the other causes for data loss are mentioned below

  • Human errors: Deletion of files by mistake from CF card while using it in a digital device or when connected on your system will results in loss of data.
  • Improper ejection of CF card: While removing some of the unwanted photos from the digital camera, if you take away CF card improperly from the camera then it results in loss of photo files stored on it.
  • Using delete all option: While screening photo files from the camera if you accidentally click on delete all option then it will result in deletion of your crucial photos from the CF card.
  • Corruption of CF card: CF card gets corrupted in different situations like virus invasion, clicking photos when battery is low, accidental deletion, etc. If CF card gets corrupted then all the files becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss.

If you are facing loss of data from the CF card or from any other storage devices due to above reasons or the other then make use of the recovery software that supports effectively to restore all deleted or lost files. This software also supports to restore photos from memory card, SD card, Smart card, CF card, XD card, mini SD card, MMC, UFS, etc.

Some of the features of the recovery software

  • By using this tool you can restore photos from SD card and other files like text, songs, documents, videos, graphics, etc from different storage devices like external hard disk, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc
  • Retrieves lost or deleted data from formatted or reformatted memory card storage devices.
  • Restores images from memory card including 64 MB, 128 MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and all higher capacities.
  • This software performs Olympus memory card restoration and also for several popular professional cameras like Nikon, Kodak, Pentax, Minolta, Sigma, Lieca, Canon, Samsung, Fujifilm, Sony, Toshiba, etc.

You can download the free demo version of this tool to evaluate the recovery result